thinking out loud 7.24.2014

Hey everyone. It’s Thursday, and you know what that means…


Thanks again to our wonderful host =)!

So let’s do this.

1. I mentioned yesterday that I have been in quite the slump this week. One of the things that is really bothering me is I have been looking and feeling very puffy and gross lately. Obviously, everyone has bad body-image days. Thing is, most days are bad body image days for me (body image has been one of the hardest things for me recovery-wise over these past few years), and when my already less-than-superb self-image is already worse than usual… I tend to shut town completely.

Problem is, I don’t know what is causing all of this fluid retention, but I swear my face and body are swollen. Either that or I’m gaining weight again… So I’m kinda-sorta freaking out.

2. I’m frustrated because I was finally starting to feel as though my body was healing. When I went away to school, I was eating more regular meals and I was starting to get hunger cues (I had not had them in years). I felt as though my metabolism was finally starting to work again, and I was excited.

A bit of backstory – After being released from the hospital for my eating disorder in 2011, I quickly started restricting again… But my weight stabilized. All of a sudden, in January of 2012, something completely snapped in my body and, without changing my diet and exercise at all, my weight shot up almost 20 pounds in less than 3 weeks.

Needless to say, I was more than a little freaked out.

Problem was, no doctor could pin-point exactly what was wrong with me. My cortisol levels were off, but not enough-so to treat. My thyroid levels were low, but not enough so to treat. I was seeing multiple doctors a week and still, there was no “cure” in sight.

The worst part, besides being heavier than I had ever been in my life while still eating barely enough to survive, was that people kept commenting on how “healthy” I was.

And I wasn’t. I was worse than ever.

I lost a little bit of weight in college without really trying, and I was thrilled. I felt as though my body was finally doing what it was supposed to again.

And now it’s not.

I’m weak, my digestive issues are back, my hunger cues are gone. I don’t know what is happening. And I can’t mentally handle going through all that again.

3. That being said, I’m bucking up and forcing myself to make a normal person dinner and eat the whole darn thing.

update: so dinner wound up as an absolute fail… so I wound up with a trusty snack plate + some turkey breast before work.

4. It is not after midnight, so it is no longer thinking out loud Thursday… but we’re going to pretend like it is still Thursday.

5. On a more positive note…. I ran 7 miles today!




This just so happens to be the furthest that I have run in over a month! 7 miles in overcast weather (the best) at an average pace of 8:34 minutes per mile whilst listening to K-Pop (I’m currently obsessed) = happy Erin.

My computer is acting up all a sudden and keeps freezing so I’m going to have to end this post here. Talk to you tomorrow! I promise to be less negative and depressing then! =)

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WIAW #3 – I’m Branching Out!

Hey everyone!

Today’s Workout: 

Hit the pool bright and early for a swim workout!

300m warm up

4 x 50m sprints IM format

Ladder Drills (done at comfortably hard pace and swimming harder with each new set)





400m cool down

Followed by Turbo Fire’s Fire 30 video (I’ve been loving this lately)!


I know it’s been a couple of days, but that’s a post all in itself. I have kind of been in a slump recently, but have been too busy to actually be able to stop and react to it. I have had a couple of days that have consisted mostly of downtime (and being sick… this sinus infection is still going strong), which has lead to being hit with everything at once and shutting down. But I am determined to stop moping and pick myself back up and push forward!

Now, enough with my ranting and complaining and let’s move into the more fun stuff.

The food!

That’s right, it’s yet another What I Ate Wednesday!


As always, a huge thanks for Jen for hosting such an awesome link up!


I used to just get up and workout on an empty stomach… But I found that I wasn’t able to perform as well as I would have liked to when doing so. So recently I have been having a little bit of something before heading out. I find that just a couple of bites of something is all I need (unless it’s a long run or something… But I haven’t done one of those in a while).

I had a small amount of peanut butter (TJ’s recently came out with an organic peanut butter and it’s actually impossibly amazing) and jelly on half a piece of Ezekiel bread.

I also had a piece of unsweetened dried mango on my way back from the gym.


Do I even need to explain?



I was out of coconut “chips,” so I used freeze-dried banana instead. ‘Twas good!

Post breakfast, I had a cup of this amazing green tea with lemon and stevia.


Look at me keeping up with goals for the week!


However, I didn’t really keep up with my goal to stop with all the pretzels when lunch came around. I finished off the last of the small amount of fresh veggies that were left in my house and needed (ok, wanted) something more.


Actually, I just really wanted things to dip into this hummus that I whipped up! It was my first adventure in hummus and I have to say, it didn’t turn out too shabby!

Chickpeas + black beans (because there was an open can in the fridge that needed to be used + lemon zest + garlic + salt + a touch of grape seed oil.

So simple and so yummy.

I also ate a whole bunch more veggies, rice snaps, and pretzels while making my lunch plate, so don’t worry kids, I ate much more than what is pictured =P !





I also really love how smooth and creamy homemade hummus is in comparison to the store bought kind.

However, I have to say that Trader Joe’s roasted red pepper hummus will always have my heart.

Afternoon Snack:

Mid-afternoon, I used some coffee that I left in the freezer for a bit too long (it was supposed to be chilled for iced coffee… but time flew by and it was frozen solid) to make a mocha smoothie bowl.



Dinner was very monumental guys.

“Why?” You ask?

Because I actually branched out and tried something new instead of just having my usual snack plate or shirataki noodle stir fry!

And I have to say, I am definitely not complaining about it.

I made a super yummy korean veggie bowl inspired by this recipe from one of my new absolute favorite youtubers. Hers definitely looks a lot prettier than mine though.


IMG_5901Cauliflower “rice.”







The goods (mixed veggies, garlic, korean chili sauce (I couldn’t find chili paste), bragg’s liquid aminos, ginger miso broth, and cornstarch to thicken).


IMG_5905So. Freaking. Good.





And of course some goodies for dipping in that oh-so-lovely hummus that I made earlier… And sriracha. I bought more today because I had ran out and obviously I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to pop open that bottle ;).

Random Snacks:

I mentioned last week that I am trying to cut down on my grazing throughout the day by eating more normalized meals. Today, however, I didn’t do such a good job at that. Some of my snacks included:


Cottage cheese with fig butter on puffed rice snacks. This is one of my favorite combinations ever. Try it. Now.

Pretzels with hummus, pb, etc… Obviously.

A sample of key lime pie at Trader Joe’s. I have never gotten the samples there before, but I was absolutely starving and needed something to get me through until I got home to have dinner haha.

Watermelon. So much watermelon.

A bit too many bites of this amazing turmeric ginger bread.


And I a whole bunch of other little bites of things throughout the day.

Oi vey. I definitely need to get a handle on this whole grazing thing.

Well, I am only half way through the week, I still have time to accomplish my goals.

And if not, there’s always next week! I am a work in progress =).

Now, I have to go wash off this face mask that I have had on for way too long.

Until tomorrow my friends!

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SMART Goal Setting + My Goals For The Week

Hello there people! How is your Sunday going?

Workout: Insanity Pure Cardio + Abs

Today has been a day full of a whole lot of nothing. I’m not feeling well whatsoever, so I’m just trying to rest up as much as possible in anticipation of a long night at work tonight.

I don’t know about you guys, but with rest often comes a ton of thinking… And I have certainly been thinking about a lot today.

I have a lot to work on in my life. In fact, this blog has become a means of chronicling my own journey in doing just that. I have a lot of healing to do, both mentally and physically. I have a lot of growing to do. I have a lot of self-discovery to do.

I have been in a truly horrible place for so long and I have only just recently began thawing. It’s been a slow process, and unfortunately it seems that for every step forward I take in healing, I take 5 steps backwards.

So it’s time to accept the fact that what I have been doing, or not doing, hasn’t been working… And it’s time to move forward.

I think that something I do, and that a lot of us do, is set huge long term goals and leave it at that.

I am going to get healthy.

I am going to lose xx pounds.

I am going to get a good job.

I am going to get a 4.o in school.

The problem with these type of goals is that that they are so broad that they often leave the goal setter feeling less inspired and more overwhelmed.

In my exercise science class, we learned about a type of goal setting called the SMART model.

Goals should be:





Time oriented

Now, we were learning about this specific way of goal setting in regards to fitness and weight loss, but it can easily be applied to any and every goal that one sets for themselves.

And this SMART model of goal setting is definitely, dare I say, smart.

Here’s an example of how this model would be used (this isn’t a goal of mine… just one that I made up).

Broad goal – To lose weight.

Specific – I want to lose 20 pounds

Measurable – Weigh ins and measurements taken weekly

Achievable - Losing 20 pounds at a steady pace of 1-2 pounds per week. (What you wouldn’t want is to set a goal of losing 20 pounds in a month…)

Realistic - Pretty much the same as Achievable

Time Based - Lose 20 pounds in the next 4-5 months.

Braking up a huge goal into smaller, more manageable mini-goals makes the goal less overwhelming. It’s like when your room is a complete mess, so you decide that one day you will clean out the closet, then your drawers the next day, and so on and so forth.

That being said, part 1 of what I have dubbed Operation Makeover My Life, is setting weekly goals!

I always psych myself out when it comes to setting weekly goals because all I can think of is, “What if I fail at accomplishing all of my goals and then am a pathetic failure because I can’t do anything right?”

Is this a tad overdramatic? Why yes.

First thing to write down for yesterday’s challengeI will fail at accomplishing all that I set out to do this week. I will accomplish my goals for the week… And if not, that is ok. There is always next week. I will be kinder to myself.

So here are a couple of my goals for the week:

1. Drink green tea!



I have actually already started on this one! I’m enjoying a cup of green tea with lemon while I am writing this!

Green tea is something that I used to enjoy daily, and I have to say that I actually felt better when I did. Green tea has such a huge amount of health benefits, curbs the appetite, helps control sugar cravings, and helps stimulate the metabolism. It’s also very hydrating.

And delicious.

It seems simple and silly, but as part of bettering my health and body, incorporating a cup or two of green tea into my daily routine seems like as good of a place as any to start!



I also want to work on getting my hands of some matcha (it’s just so darn expensive) for even more health benefits!

2. Reduce my intake of processed carbohydrates.

We all know how I feel about my (grotesquely large) “snack” plates as meals.


See all those pretzels and rice snaps? Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying some pretzels now and again. I know that a lot of people look at carbohydrates and breads as the devil… But the way I see it is that if pretzels are the most unhealthy thing that I am eating, then I don’t exactly see it as the worst thing in the world.

What makes my pretzel habit problematic is that they seem to make up almost half of my total intake for the day… I include them in my lunches, and often my dinners since I often have snack plates for dinners as well. Along with incorporating them into meals, I also snack on them throughout the day.

I just don’t feel comfortable with the percentage of my total intake coming from these types of foods or with the lack of nutritional value that these foods offer.

And this leads me to my next goal.

4. Eat more protein!

I seem to have fallen out of incorporating lean protein sources into any of my meals… I maybe have something like tuna or chicken breast of fish twice a week… And that is certainly not ideal. Funny thing is, I know that part of my aversion to protein sources is my stupid fear of calories… I feel like if I am going to intake x amount of calories, I would rather get them from something that I enjoy more (hello pretzels).. Which is dumb.

Protein has a thermogenic effect on the body, so incorporating more protein into my diet would actually encourage a higher metabolic rate after meal time which would encourage a leaner physique.

and that brings me to my final goal for the week…

5. Normalize my meals.

One cannot and should not live on acai bowls, snack plates, and pretzels alone… I strongly believe that if I started eating more normal meals, my issues with constant grazing and high intake of low fiber carbohydrates would greatly lessen.

Then maybe I would feel better about myself and less bad about my diet and eating habits.


Small steps. Small steps.

Here’s to a good week!


What are your goals for the week?

What is your biggest dietary downfall?



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Are You Holding Yourself Back? A Challenge

Hey everyone! How is your Saturday going?

I started my day with yet another amazing run. It must be the weather (it’s been overcast and cloudy with temperatures in the mid to high 60s, aka, my favorite running weather) or something because I have just been in the happiest place ever running-wise this week!


5 miles at a comfortable pace that I am actually happy with! I know that my average pace may seem pretty slow to a lot of people, but coming off an injury, I’m just happy that my pace is back to being where it was pre-injury! Now to get back into speed work. I definitely need to ease myself into it since my knee still isn’t feeling 100%, but I think I’m going to start incorporating a couple of speed workouts into my routine next week!

You can probably guess what I ate post run, so I am going to spare you from having to see yet another acai bowl photo.

Also, I may or may not have forgotten to photograph it. Oh well.

What I really want to talk about today is a topic that has been on my mind for a couple of days now. I was going to wait until Monday to post this as a Mental Health Monday  post… But I just couldn’t wait anymore.

What I want to discuss is holding yourself back from achieving your goals.

Quick backstory on why this particular topic came to mind… Basically, on Wednesday I had what was one of worst panic attack of my entire life. I suffer from severe anxiety, and panic attacks aren’t exactly a rarity in my life. But there are a only a handful of cases where my panic attacks have been this severe. It was humiliating and shameful and I wound up hyperventilating in the back of my car instead of eating dinner at a nice restaurant with my mother like I should have been.

Wow, I hate even admitting that that happened.

Anyway, after things had slightly cooled down, my mom (bless her soul) came to talk to me. It wasn’t exactly a calm or pleasant conversation, but there was one thing in particular that she told me.

She said that I am constantly telling myself why I can’t do things because of my anxiety, lack of time, etc.

Work causes anxiety. I can’t handle it.

I can’t go to *insert outing here* because I need time or I have anxiety.

And what happens when I tell myself these things? My anxiety get really bad and I wind up, in fact, not being able to handle what should be simple daily tasks like going to my part time job (obviously I go, but I spend every moment that I’m not working freaking out about going), or going to a friend’s house, or even the grocery store!

The problem with this kind of thinking is that you are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tell yourself that something is impossible, odds are that it will become impossible. However, if you tell yourself that something is possible, it likely will be (within reason of course… I don’t think you will suddenly be able to fly simply because you tell yourself that you can).

Sounds simple right?

Well, if talking yourself up instead of down is something that you do naturally, then good on you. I’m jealous! However, if you are more like me and have a nasty habit of working yourself up to the point of paralyzation… Then let’s chat.

This way of thinking needs to change.

So I’m issuing you a challenge.

For this upcoming week, I want you to write down every time you have a thought of why you “can’t” do something. For example, right now I am going to write, “I can’t handle working tomorrow night,” down in my little pink notebook that I keep on my bedside.

After writing down the thought, I want you to cross it out.

That’s right.

Now, write the opposite thought next to the one you just crossed out.

Work will be ok. Everything is ok.

Underline it, write is in all caps. Heck, write it in glitter pen. Make sure that that affirmation is heard loud and clear in your mind.

I know it seems silly, but writing down the bad thoughts and physically crossing them out to replace them with good ones is the first step towards crossing out and replacing the thoughts in your own head.

Remember positive affirmations? Yeah. They’re a good thing, even if they feel a bit silly and pointless.

Humor me ok?

I’ll be checking in with my positive changes all throughout this week, and I hope that you will participate and share your logs with me!

Let’s do this!

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Friday Favorites 7.18.2014

Hey everyone!

It’s the end of yet another week. Does that terrify anyone else? Summer is seriously flying by far faster than I am comfortable with. I move into my room at my new school in just a little over a month.

Crazy stuff.

My morning began with waking up much later than usual… Well technically, I woke up at around 6:30am as per usual, but I actually managed to fall back into a light sleep until almost 8am! However, I didn’t get home last night until after one in the morning… So I’m still running on around 5 hours of sleep.

Waking up later than I am used to always winds up throwing my day off. I spent some time debating whether to go to the gym for a pool workout, or to forgo it in favor of an at-home workout for the sake of time.

Thank God I wound up choosing the pool workout because it was my best one to date!

Warmup - 50m freestyle, 100m breaststroke, 200m freestyle

Endurance Work – Nonstop swimming. No rest between sets.

100m freestyle pull

          100m freestyle kick

         100m freestyle

         repeat 2x… No rest in-between sets

Sprints -

4 x 50m IM style sprints (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)

4 x 25m freestyle sprint

repeat 2x

Cooldown - 400m freestyle

And of course, I had to have an acai bowl post-workout. It had been a couple of days since my last bowl of frosty fruity goodness (I’m cringing at that description of my acai bowls), so I was definitely in desperate need of one!


(I was too hungry to take the time to take a pretty acai bowl picture…)

And now, here are a couple of things I have been loving lately!

1. Favorite Workout

Yesterday’s run. Hands down my best and happiest run in a long while.



I’m sorry, but I just can’t even deal with how beautiful it was.

Still rocking my knee brace though.



2. Favorite Eat:

Wednesday’s dinner at the Dockside Bar and Grill in Sag Harbor has to have been the best thing I have eaten in a long while.


Any place that will serve me a portion of broccoli and asparagus that is larger than my head is a winner in my book.

They also make the tortilla chips (unpictured) that they serve with guacamole and salsa right before they bring them out to you so they are warm and delicious and perfect.

3. Favorite Listen:

Been jamming out to “Infamous” by the band Motionless in White all week. It’s not as much of a good song as it is a catchy one. It also gets me super pumped up during workouts!


4. Favorite Links

1. I need to make this summer soup like… now.

2. Ever since my experimentation with raw vegan sushi, I have been wanting to to            dabble more in the use of nori in recipes. These “snack wraps” are definitely on my, “must try,” list!

3. I just found The Detoxinista blog the other day and I am hooked! I want to try     everything!

5. Favorite Look





I don’t think you understand how badly I want a pair of overalls… I mean, I already get mistaken for a 12 year old on a daily basis (I’m not even joking), so why not just roll with it and fully commit to the look?

In all seriousness though, I think overalls are pretty rad looking when worn the right way.

I hope you all have a great day/evening!


What do you think of Friday Favorites posts? Do they seem like nothing more than fillers on the blog or are they actually fun? Personally, I like them. I need to get more organized in keeping a list of things that I read and see and eat over the course of the week so that I can make these posts better.

Overalls? Love them? Hate them? Wish that they would all be set on fire in a mass overall sacrifice? Let me know!

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Thinking Out Loud 7.17.14

Hey all!

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means…

It’s time to think out loud!


Thanks Amanda for creating and hosting this awesome link up!

1. I don’t know if I have ever been this tired in my entire life.

I’ve struggled with insomnia for years (since developing my eating disorder actually… funny), but over the past few months I have been averaging around 4-5 hours of sleep per night. Now, I know that people often get a lot less than that, but it is every. single. night. I have enough trouble falling asleep, but what’s worse is that I cannot sleep past 6:30 am. Ever. Regardless of what time I fell asleep the night before…. And napping gives me anxiety because I feel as though I am wasting the day. So I’m at a loss here.

Anyway, I had the worst migraine of my entire life last night, so I got even less sleep than usual… And I have work in an hour until 11, and then I’m going to the midnight premiere of the new The Purge movie with my friend! I’m excited for the movie… But here’s hoping I can actually stay awake during it!

2. My coffee addiction is so real.

This is kind of leading off of the last point… Lack of sleep = more coffee. Thing is, I don’t really feel any effects from the caffeine in the coffee… So I wind up drinking way more of it than I probably should.

It’s so good though!

I enjoyed a large white chocolate raspberry flavored coffee on my drive home from the hamptons this morning, and just polished off this baby right here a couple of minutes ago.



Iced mocha with cashew milk! I drink things way too fast… Can bottomless iced coffee be a thing?

3. I am currently watching the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove.]

And I have absolutely no clue what is going on… Although, I’m not really paying attention, so maybe that’s why?


4. My run was especially wonderful this morning!

Again, I ran much slower than I would like to… But I was just so happy to be out running in the hamptons (one of my favorite places to run) with absolutely perfect weather. I was also just so happy and thankful to be running again.

IMG_5788 IMG_5791 IMG_5797

Just look at that sky.

It was all just too perfect. Overcast (my favorite type of weather for running), temperature in the high 60s, no humidity… It was just amazing.





And I saw some little friends!

IMG_5805I had originally set out to do 5 miles… But time just flew by and I was enjoying myself so much that I did 6 instead. Don’t you love when that happens?

5. Green juice needs to appear in my life more.


My mom picked up a green juice from the local health food store where we were staying and gave me half for my drive home! The mix was just a ton of greens plus some added ginger. I used to make green juice all the time, but since going to school and not having access to my Vitamix… I kind of fell out of the habit. I need to start drinking them more often again! Green juices are one of those things that just make me feel good when I drink them… Not sure if the instant boost I feel when drinking them is all in my head or not… But I’ll just roll with it!

6. I need to get back out to the Hamptons and Montauk ASAP. Out east is seriously my happy place.

IMG_5773 IMG_5767 IMG_5758 IMG_5750 IMG_5751 IMG_5747 IMG_5744 IMG_5739 IMG_5736 IMG_5734 IMG_5726



Tell me about what’s on your mind! …Okay, that’s not really a question… But I want to know!



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WIAW #2 – Weird Meals

Hey all! Still blogging from my phone. I’m also super sick… Like, my head feels like it is about to explode.

So let’s just jump into it!

It’s that time of the week again.


Thanks to Jenn for creating such fun link up!

You can read about What I Ate Wednesday here.

Started my day off wrong right with a couple of bites of froyo (it was literally the only food in the house were staying at) before heading out to cover 4 miles in what was the most intense humidity that I have ever experienced.


The plan was to go to the local farmer’a market for breakfast. However, no one in my family was ready to go until almost noon… So j guess breakfast was lunch? Brunch?



Whenever there is a salad bar or hot bar, I go a little crazy and have to get pretty much everything.

On my plate: salmon from a salmon Niçoise salad, hoisin chicken, balsamic chicken, salad, carrots and onions, red cabbage, and Dijon potato salad. I also had more than a couple of bites of my mom’s asparagus quiche … Which I instantly regretted because dairy and me don’t mix well… Or at all.


Iced coffee with chocolate soy milk x 3 … Whoops.

The rest of my food went unpictured. Like I said, I’m feeling really sick so I wound up not being able to sit through dinner. I had a small amount of kale salad, a couple of pop chips (I’m not a fan at all), some sautéed spinach and mushrooms, veggies with hummus and way too much popcorn at the movies. The amount of salt on movie theatre popcorn actually gives me a headache (and worsened the one I already had)… Yet I still continue to eat it. The stuff is addicting.

Definitely not my best day eats wise… But I guess that I’m away on “vacation” so it’s excusable =P.

Best thing you ate today?
Movie theatre popcorn. Love it or hate it? personally, I prefer air popped 100%!

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Tuesday Things

Hey all! Sorry for the whole no-post-yesterday-plus-sub-par-post-today thing. I’m away again with my family and don’t have access to a computer!

So… Short post from my phone it is! Here are some shots from my day.











I’m in my happy place.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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Acai Love and Warped Tour

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday!

My morning started off with me being up at 6:30 and debating whether or not to forgo my planned swim workout in favor of some more (desperately needed) sleep.

Well… After almost a half an hour of trying to make a decision, I ended up at the gym.


My workout looked like this:

Warmup – 150m freestyle

100m breaststroke

100m freestyle pull

Workout – 200m freestyle moderate pace

8x25m sprints IM order (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)

200m freestyle moderate pace

4×25 freestyle kick sprint

4×25 breaststroke kick sprint

200m freestyle moderate pace

100m breaststroke moderate pace

Cooldown –  100m freestyle

100m breaststroke

100m freestyle pull


Post shower and workout, I headed over to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for chicken soup (my mom’s really sick, so I figured soup would be a good idea) as well as the fixings for my my recent food obsession.


Hello there beautiful.

Acai bowls are all the rage lately… And I can definitely see why.

In my mix -

Acai Smoothie Pack (I get the Sambazon ones with no added sugar)

Frozen mango

Maca Powder



Fresh Grapfuit Juice

Toppings – Coconut “chips,” fresh strawberries, and cinnamon.

So good. Acai bowls may take the place of my banana ice cream bowls for a while… And that’s saying something, considering how much I love my banana smoothie bowls.



Yesterday’s bowl was pretty similar except there was no maca and there were some freeze dried bananas and some blackberries. It was also enjoyed post a painless run!

I remembered to wear my knee brace while running yesterday and it really made a world of a difference!

IMG_5611 IMG_5612

At 9:30am, I had to leave for Vans Warped Tour, aka, my favorite day of the year. It was a wonderful day filled with great music and amazing friends.

It also happened to be one of the most exhausting days ever, what with it being outside all day with you on your feet with no food and 1 bottle of water from 11am-9pm!

All that exhaustion (and sunburn… ouch) is always so worth it though =)! I’m just worried about working until midnight tonight. I may just fall asleep while packaging oils and cheeses (I work in a restaurant).


SECRETS ! One of my favorite bands and they were absolutely insane live!



If you ever have the opportunity to see Bowling For Soup in concert… Do it. I don’t even know much of their music apart from 1985, but they are hilarious and put on such a fun show. This scene occurred during a, “unique Bowling For Soup photo opportunity,” where they stopped in the middle of their set and started posing for pictures.

They also played the Phineas and Ferb theme song.

Oh yes.

Have an amazing day you guys!


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Friday Favorites 7.11.2014

Hey everyone!

Somehow, another week has gone by. It’s actually terrifying how fast this summer is flying by… Is it really almost the middle of July already?

Anyway, let’s talk about the things I have been loving this week!

1. Favorite Workout: Thursday’s 6 miler.



Although having a bit of knee pain during my run was discouraging, it was great to get back out there again and to actually feel good on my run. I was happy (for the most part) with my pace, the weather was perfect, and it was one of those runs where it just flew by because I was able to really just get lost in my thoughts. I am so happy to be running again, even if it is only a handful of miles a week.

2. Favorite Sip


I’m a huge tea person, and one of my favorite ways to enjoy tea is to combine different types of tea together.

My current favorite tea combo is Yogi Ginger Tea and Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea with lemon and stevia. So good. 10/10 do recommend.

Also, I have a ridiculous amount of stomach issues and recently they have been worse than usual… So I’m trying to drink as much ginger tea as possible!

3. Favorite Eats


The (embarrassingly large) snack plate obsession is going strong.


I attempted to make raw vegan sushi! A majority of it just fell apart (and were eaten) while I was attempting to cut it, but the pieces that actually resembled sushi were pretty darn good! I’m thinking that the issue may have been my needing a sharper knife. All of the knives in my house are in desperate need of some good sharpenings.

4. Favorite Look

I am absolutely obsessed with all of the outfits in this post on the fashion blog Feral Creature. Seriously… Can I just own every single article of clothing in these photos? And have her hair? …Please?

5. Favorite Internet Find

Just watch this video ok? So beautiful and powerful. Just watch it.


Now I really have to get some rest. Warped Tour (the greatest event of the year) is tomorrow!


What have you been loving this week?

Ever make sushi before? Did yours fall apart too? Or are you some sushi-making prodigy? 

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