Prayers to Boston

I know that I’ve been on hiatus after only 2 posts but, i feel that I need to address what happened in Boston this Tuesday.

As all of you most likely already know, 2 bombs were set off at around 3pm at the finish line of the famous Boston Marathon.


I had just arrived home when my friend texted me saying, “can you believe what happened in Boston?” Naturally, I immediately ran to my computer where I faced photos of the explosion, articles of what happened, and videos of people running and screaming… I felt sick to my stomach. I still feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Any type of bombing or mass attack on the innocent is disgusting, but being a runner, this attack really hit close to home. The Boston marathon is my dream, it’s a coming together of a family of runners running towards a common goal. Running really is, not to sound corny, a family sport. Runners share a bond that I haven’t found in other sports. We understand the pain, the joy, the mental battles, and the feelings of fulfillment that come with running.

Attacking the runners of the Boston Marathon is an attack on some of the world’s strongest people. There is no reasoning behind it. There’s no reasoning behind any attack.

I just don’t understand, no one understands. How could a human set out to take the life of other humans? I don’t understand it.

It’s in times like this though that you see so many people saying, “oh, humanity sucks.” or. “i’ve lost all faith in humanity.”

No, that’s not right. It’s important to remember in times of tragedy that when one evil person comes forward, a hundred heroes also come forth. Remember the marathoners who continued to run towards the hospital to donate blood, the civilians who offered their assistance, and, of course, the brave service men and woman who did all they could to keep people safe.


On a final note, if you haven’t logged your 26.2 minutes of running for Boston, don’t forget to do so. =)



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