A Beach Babe Cinco De Mayo

Hey! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’ve actually never given Cinco de Mayo a second thought.. perhaps it’s because I’m not of legal drinking age and therefore cannot go out and drink the night away while wearing a sombrero? 


(i hope none of this comes off as disrespectful)

Digressing from alcohol and funny hats now … 

Today it was GORGEOUS out! A perfect day for a “long” run. I put “long” in quotes because honestly I was tired and only wound up doing a 6 miler… ’twas glorious though.



I also started my day off with Tone It Up’s Cocktail Dress Workout x2 and some chocolate chip protein pancakes (not the best choice on my part… curse my sweet tooth.)



I really need to get myself on track with the #TIUbikiniseries (does it make me a loser for using a hashtag in a blog post?)


I saw something on the Tone It Up iPhone app that really intrigued me and made me want to celebrate the holiday…

Vegan Quinoa “Tacos”



So naturally… I cooked up a little fiesta of a meal for my family.

ImageI’m such a quality daughter and sister….

I made regular tacos for my mama and brother, the only substitution made was greek yogurt instead of sour cream. They were a hit! I cooked the meat with taco seasoning normally and then for the chicken I rubbed them with some taco seasoning and stuck them in the oven at 400 degrees until cooked through.

For me, I made the Tone It Up approved alternative.



I know that the idea of using quinoa in place of meat may seem odd, and I’m not going to say that it tastes like meat because it doesn’t, but it was honestly really good. I’m excited for the leftovers that I have for the next couple of days.

I felt kind of gross after dinner… eating greek yogurt without taking my lactaid pills was probably not the best idea..

To somewhat compensate for indulging in a bit too many chocolate chips today I just completed ZWOW #12 ! I’m loving doing these workouts in addition to my normal daily routines.

Imagepistol squats are no joke…. my legs are yet to be strong enough to get as deep into the squat as Zuzanna! 

Well, It’s the beginning of COMP (my schools insane 3 hour final exams) week at school so I should probably stop procrastinating and go study…

Bye! or should i say, Adios!



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