Saturday Selects (numero uno)

Hi guys! Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything the last two days, on thursday I got home too late to blog and last night I slept over at a friends house.

I was thinking it would kind of be a fun idea to do a round-up of some of my favorite things from this week (also, I can re-cap the days I missed hehehe). Who knows, maybe this could be a sort of weekly series?

My favorite day this week was actually Tuesday. My best friend came over just to watch a movie and somehow that quickly turned into a WATER BALOON FIGHT

Image(Cody, if you’re reading this…. I won)

It was so much fun and just … liberating? I don’t even know how to describe it. Running around with my little brother and his friend and dumping water on each other was just so fun. It’s great to be able to feel like a little kid again, everything feels simple and easy and you feel so free. After we were soaked beyond what I thought possible, we changed into pajamas and watched “Identity Thief.” Such a funny movie! I also really just love Melissa McCarthy.



My favorite workout of the week was probably last Sunday, I went for a run with some girls from cross country and that’s just always nice. It also didn’t hurt that we went for frozen yogurt after… hehehe.

ImageI’ve also really been loving the XHIT youtube channel lately! They have some really great, quick toning workouts and HIIT routines that never disappoint! They also upload new videos every day so you never need to worry about getting bored. Some of my favorite routines are “Abs like Olivia Wilde,” and “Miley Cyrus Legs.” I like doing these routines in the mornings as my #Bootycall (the Tone It Up kind kids =P) or before bed.

Another favorite of this week was going to the Bronx Zoo for the very first time! On Thursday, I drove in (first time driving in the Bronx.. woah) with a couple of friends and even though we only got to stay for a couple of hours (closed at 5, we got there at 3) it was still a lot of fun. I have to say though, the greatest zoo of all time is the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida. 

Favorite animal I saw was this little guy ImageThe fluffiest of ducks.

ImageEverybody loves giraffes. 

After getting no sleep last night and not feeling well all week my workout today was definitely not my most intense. I did a simple 50 minutes of intervals (cross country setting with a level 10 elevation and resistances ranging from 5 to 11) on the elliptical was a 5 minute cool down.  I covered 5.67 miles.Image

Since I was at my friends house for most of the day I didn’t get to do my morning 30 minutes of toning workouts… kind of regretting it now, but I’ll double up tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, I need to get up early to go running with my friend (yay!) so I should probably be getting ready for bed about now.

I’ll leave you with this sassy little guy


ImageBut for real, you can’t tell me that his facial expression isn’t making you laugh. 



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Do it because you love it…

Yesterday, I came across what is, probably, one of the best things I have seen on the internet in a long time…


I saw this floating around and I really found it to hold so much truth. There is so much pressure put on people from social media and just society in general to be this super fit person who eats only berries and seeds and works out for hours a day. I see so much of people who live these kinds of lifestyles being judgmental of people who don’t and honestly, it’s ridiculous. Too many times I’ve seen people post on twitter or instagram about how they are, “so grossed out” because they just saw some family eating McDonalds. Who are you to judge people by what they eat? Just because you see someone eating something one time doesn’t give you any right to judge them and make assumptions. Maybe they have little kids and it was all they could think to grab, maybe they haven’t had it in years and they want to treat themselves. There are so many possibilities. That person eating a candy bar on the train could be a marathon runner for all you know.

No one has a right to judge someone based on an assumption they make without even knowing something. Also, yes, being someone who is super into fitness and eating healthy is wonderful, but it doesn’t make you God’s gift to humanity. You need to focus on yourself. Not everyone feels the need to be a paleo crossfitter or a vegan yogi. Some people will just go to the gym to get in their 30 minutes on the elliptical. Not everyone wants to do HIIT or go run a 5 miler.

I work out because I love it. It’s part of my life and it’s what makes me who I am. For some people, working out is just a chore. Yes, it’s important to stay active, but that could be as simple as going for a daily walk. Yes, healthy eating is important but not everyone WANTS to be 100% with their diet. You could easily eat a moderately healthy diet and still be a healthy, happy human being. Not everyone wants a 6 pack and killer quads and standout triceps. Life is too short to try to please others by doing things you hate. If you hate running, DON’T DO IT. If you want to eat a slice of cake one day EAT IT. Life is so short and it’s not worth living a life that you don’t feel the need to.

Judging is judging, you may think that you’re “helping” by pushing someone to live the same lifestyle that you do. But stop, let others live their own lives, you focus on your own.




The Next Chapter

So of course, as always, I was good about posting for about two days and then completely disappeared. So much has happened this month it’s hard to even believe that it all just happened within the last couple of weeks.

First, and probably the most exciting… I’m a high school graduate!!!!

Imageblurry photo, courtesy of my friend’s sister.

After that just came the whirlwind of graduation parties and thoughts of “what the hell am i going to do with my life?”

Honestly, the idea of my going away to college in 2 months is terrifying to me. The question asked most commonly by my family and other adults is, “Wow, aren’t you so excited?” 

It’s a question that I honestly have to answer with an forced smile and a, “Yeah,” that is said more like a question than a statement. I am going to a school that is a two hour plane ride from the place that I have lived all my life. I don’t regret my decision to go so far away, in my mind this is the only shot i have to see something different. I 100% want to move back here after college and live my life here. The main problem I have is paralyzing fear. Coming from someone with severe anxiety, depression, and who moves in and out of recovering from an eating disorder, the idea of living somewhere far away with less control of my surroundings is almost a nightmare to me. Not being able to control the food that I am provided with, not being able to workout in my room every morning before breakfast, not having my own space, it’s scary. I want to be excited, and sometimes I really am, but the fear overtakes the excitement. I want to make my life into something wonderful, I want to enjoy this youth of mine instead of destroying it like I have been doing. I don’t want to be controlled by this sickness in my brain that tells me I can’t enjoy life. I don’t know.

I also don’t want to rush into what so many high school graduates seem to do. You know, that “I just want it to be time for college already, so I’m going to speed through summer,” thing. I want to enjoy every day that I have to it’s fullest. I’ve spent so much time hiding, and still have, Just this week I have skipped two graduation parties out of not wanting people to see my hugely grotesque body. That’s not living, now is it?

I have already had some great days though. On thursday I went into the city with my best friend and we went to the Museum of Natural History! It’s one of my favorite places in the whole world and I’m so thankful to finally have a friend who doesn’t think it’s lame. 

ImageI spent way too much time in the ancient Japan area… I have such a love for asian culture and history, it’s so interesting!

ImageA giant sloth… just because =3

We also got to walk around Central Park for a little while, Central Park has to be one of my favorite places in the world. It’s just amazing how one minute you can be in this busy city of pavement and sky scrapers and then all of a sudden you’re in this beautiful place surrounded by nature. There’s something that is just so magical about Central Park.

ImageI need to get into the city early one morning and run. There’s something about running in Central Park that’s just amazing. There’s always somewhere new to explore!

I’m sitting outside as I type this and it is just SUCH a beautiful day. It’s supposed to hit 90 though so something tells me that I’ll wind up in the gym instead of running like I meant too (I’m a wimp, what can I say.) I shall talk to you later blogiverse! 

i am the QUEEN of corney farewells.