A Spa Day and Some Kettlebells

I’m blogging from my phone here, so let’s see how this works.

I’m on vacation right now! Well… kind of. My aunt owns a house at this resort and were staying here like we always do.

Today was extra special though because we had gift cards to the fancy schmancy spa here.



I had only been there once before a couple of years ago so needless to say I was VERY excited.


I got a 50 minute massage and oh my goodness it was amazing. I’ve only gotten a massage 3 times in my life and Woodloch is definitely my favorite place to get one. They’re so non-invasive and even someone as hyper self-conscious as me can feel slightly comfortable there. I got to pick the oils she used on me, I picked one called forest which had a mixture of… Well… Foresty things like different kinds if trees. It was supposed to be good for the respiratory system and as a runner I was all over that.

After the massage I was taken to a place called the Whisper Room where I sat in silence and waited for my mom, aunt, and cousin who were all also getting massages. It’s funny how easy it is to forget how nice silence is sometimes. For the first 15 minutes that I was in the Whisper Room all I wanted was my phone so I could DO something. We as a society are always so wound up with constantly being on out phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, and other electronic devices that we often forget what true silence is like. I can see why people love meditation. Silence is a beautiful thing.

After we left the Whisper Room my cousin and I headed back upstairs to use some of the spa’s facilities. We hopped in the sauna until it got too hot and then I headed out to one of the spa’s multiple hot tubs. My favorite is the one that is an outside infinity pool style. It’s so calming to sit at the edge and look out at the forest.


Not the view from the hot tub but pretty much the same.

All in all… Spa day was a success.


Post massage, oiled up and happy.

I also made a little friend in the gift shop!


Sadly, I had to leave him behind (ill always remember you, little polkadot bunny!).

After I was all calm and relaxed from the spa, I headed to the lodge’s gym to get in a good workout! Since my hip is acting I decided to take it to the stationary bike for one of my recent favorite workouts.


The biker babes workout from my favorite girls over at Tone It Up!

Honestly, when I was skeptical when I did this workout for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I was afraid that the bike wouldn’t be good enough of a workout and that I wouldn’t burn enough calories. BOY OH BOY was I wrong !

If done at the right intensity you WILL have sweat pooling down your face to the point that it begins to get embarrassing. TRY THIS WORKOUT NOW.

After finishing the workout I headed over to the weight section of the gym with the intention of doing Tone It Up’s bikini strap workout …

Then I saw the kettle bells.

I don’t own a kettle bell at home so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try my very first ever kettle bell workout! And oh yes was it wonderful.

I did (of course) Tone It Up’s “Saved by the Bell” workout, a major throwback by them.




I repeated the routine four times using a 15 pound kettle bell for the kettle bell swings and a 10 pound one for the rest of the workout.

I ended up being the only one remaining in the gym and left happy and sweaty beyond belief.

I headed home and showered and headed pool side to read a book by one of my favorite authors. My idea of perfection right there. Pool side + good book + post-workout buzz.


Well. I hope this iPhone written post wasn’t too much of a mess. It definitely was a mess to upload. Have a wonderful night!


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