A Late Happy Birthday to America

I was supposed to have my Fourth of July Post up on the Fourth but due to lack of wi-fi that wasn’t possible, so instead I’m going to shower you with pictures from the birthday of our deal old nation.


Early morning entirely up-hill (STEEP) 3 mile run


ImageMade a friend.


Skip forward to today…

I’m finally home! I’m the kind of person that starts getting really anxious when I’m away from home for more that 3 days (college should be interesting) so there are no words how happy I am to be blogging from my room and having WI-FI! I tried to blog the last few days but my phone wouldn’t let me. 

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, morning trip to the gym for, to my dismay, intervals on the elliptical. The gym was PACKED and I had to wait 20 minutes just for a machine to open up and since the elliptical was the only option I had to jump on. Forty minutes of intervals with elevation levels varying from 7 to 19.

ImageAfter I finished my cardio I went over to the weights to do an arm workout. I used a heavier weight than usual and I’m definitely feeling it today!

The rest of the day was spent reading by the lake with a few breaks to jump in the pool and to go kayaking for an hour (hey, more arm workouts!).

ImageI started reading Tricks by Ellen Hopkins only two days ago and I already finished it! She’s one of my favorite authors. Actually, one of the things on my summer bucket list is to read all of her books… i have 6 to go and they’re all about 600 pages, let’s see if i can do it! It was a great read and if you’re into heavier, darker literature I would definitely recommend it. It’s about 5 different teens with no connection to one another and how, because of false love and horrible home situations, end up in Vegas as prostitutes. It was unbelievable disturbing to read, but things like that really happen in the real world and it’s a good thing for the public to be aware of.

Today wasn’t very eventful as most of it was spent in the car. I woke up at 8:00 and headed to the gym for a quick workout on the tread mill. I did a 5 minute warmup and then 1 minute at 8mph followed by 1 minute at 6mph repeated 10 times with another 5 minute cool down.



I honestly should have done strength at the gym too but I’m so sore and I convinced myself that I would do it once I got home. Now it’s 9:56… I’ll probably just to some abs and then double up my strength workout tomorrow. 

So sleepy, so very sleepy. I apologize for yet another extremely messy and boring post.





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