As always .. I have failed at this whole blogging thing.

So much has been happening. I have been so wrapped up in the craziness that comes with moving away from home, going to the other end of the country, and starting a whole new chapter in my life.

In case you have never read my little blog before, or if you just need a mental refresher, I started college at the end of August. College, as most people know, is a turning point in a young person’s life. I didn’t realize how much different it would be here than back home. . People party every night. It’s loud. There’s no privacy. I’ve never met so many kinds of people in the 18 years that I have been alive.

I spent my entire life in private schooling. I wore a uniform, followed unbelievably strict rules, and had a course load that was meant to simulate that of a college student’s. I’ve never been around people with such different beliefs and values and lifestyles to that of my own. It’s a culture shock, it really is. It has definitely been an adjustment.

There have been a lot of low points since coming down here… but there have been some highs as well. I would rather focus on those.

For one, there is the most beautiful running trail just a half mile away from my school. It is apparently one of, if not the longest continuous sidewalk in the country. It runs along the water and it’s my new favorite place in the world to run. Especially at sunrise


It’s these little moments that make one feel blessed.

The only down-side has been the fact that it’s been in the 90s every day and with that close-to-the-equator sun, it feels like about 9000. I have to get up really early to be able to run outside, and that’s pretty hard to do when the people whose room you sleep in don’t go to bed before 2. I’ve honestly been bonding with the treadmill most of the time since I’ve been here. I’m starting not to hate it quite as much…

Oh! I joined a sorority!


Proud to be an Alpha Chi Omega!


I honestly want to write a whole post about Greek life and the stereotypes versus the reality. I will say one thing though. I don’t party, I don’t drink, I have social anxiety. I’m not a pretty and skinny little barbie doll. My sorority is diverse and accepting. We focus on real, strong woman. It’s our motto. I went through recruitment unsure if I would even come back for the second day. I fell in love with Alpha Chi the moment I walked into their room on jersey day (the first day of recruitment). I know that it sounds cheesy and stereotypical, but it’s so true when they say that you will just know when you walk into a sorority that you want it to be your home. I didn’t feel judged. I had real conversations with girls that I could really see being my friends. I love it. And I love our philanthropy. I’m going to stop talking about it now because this post is already getting long…

I haven’t gotten that close with any of the girls in my sorority unfortunately.. too scared they won’t like me. Stupid social anxiety.

Speaking of getting close with people….


I have made some unbelievable friends down here.


I haven’t been doing well. But I’m trying to focus on the positives. I really am blessed.

More tomorrow!

So much change…