Some Days are Harder Than Others…

Hello friends! As I’m writing this, I am half asleep and running late for a sorority meeting… but I just need to get some of my thoughts down on paper… er… blog?

Anyway… on a lighter note, I made it to my 8:30 math class again! I never understood why college kids complained about having classes at 8:30 (hellooo… I got up at 5:45am for high school) until I actually became one. That whole “no sleep ever” thing really does happen when you constantly have rambunctious drunk kids screaming in the hall while you are trying to sleep.

After class, I got my iced coffee fix from the Einstein’s that they have on campus. We don’t have Einstein’s back home and it’s actually my favorite thing ever. The fact that the cup says “Darn Good” makes me a lot happier than it probably should. I have to say though, I’m sure that there bagels (haven’t tried on yet) could never compare the the glory that are New York bagels. We do it best in NY *hair flip*

By the way, I’m a genius and decided to try putting chocolate soy milk in my iced coffee today. Best decision of my life. I will never look back.


*que the chorus of angels*


Caught up on some crucial reading while I sipped the nectar of the gods my coffee concoction.

After class this morning I got in a pretty good work out! Even though my foot was feeling good today after yesterday’s run, I was nervous to do speed work on it yet. I feel like I’m being lazy, but I just want my foot to get 100% better before I start really training again.


Pre-gym selfies are the worst best selfies.

That being said, I did Tone It Up‘s “Biker Babe” workout and pushed myself harder than I ever have (in regards to this workout).


I upped my resistance and speed to really challenge myself and I definitely had a great time with this!

I followed my workout up with Tone It Up‘s new toning routine that they posted yesterday.


If I’m honest, it wasn’t my favorite. It wasn’t particularly challenging (I did feel it though) and doing 30 reps of the last move felt tedious… Maybe I’m just too impatient.

Once again, a majority of my day was spent either in class or doing homework. One good thing (perhaps the only good thing) about today was that it was chilly (by Florida standards) and that meant that I could wear a sweater and leggings and be super comfy-cozy.


My Wildfox sweater is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Well worth the money for the amount of wear that I get out of it.

I miss fall way more than I thought I would. It’s sad not having those crisp, cool days, or the leaves on the trees changing. I miss walking up to the grocery store in town to get a pumpkin coffee after my Sunday runs. I miss running in the fall most of all. Fall really does provide the best and most invigorating running weather.

I miss a lot of things about home. I think that it’s really just starting to hit me just how alone I am here. I have a couple of friends, but there’s a lot of drama. More drama than I have ever dealt with in my life. Also, a majority of my close friends are transferring out. I feel really lost here. I don’t have any of the people who I would go to when I was having a hard time back home.

I can deal on my own. I can. I’ve had no problem adjusting to taking care of matters here in regards to the whole “living on my own with no help” thing. It’s the emotional support that I’m really lacking… and that is what I need the most.


Did any of you go far away for college?

How did you cope from being away from home for the first time (college, moving out, etc.)?


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