Lacking Common Sense and Thor 2

Hey people!

I need to start blogging at a normal time of day because this whole, “writing while I’m half asleep,” thing isn’t really working out for me. It is 12:34 on a Friday night and being the party animal I obviously am… I just want sleep.

Tonight was actually a really good night, but I’ll get to that later!

One thing that I really want to mention is how absolutely spectacular my run was yesterday. 


Evening runs are the best.

I spent a majority of my day yesterday in bed, feeling like I was dying. I went for a walk and I was honestly afraid that I was going to pass out. I was running a fever, and my entire body was shaking. I had wanted to run 5 miles, but with how horrible I was feeling, I was hardly expecting to even be able to do 3.

Once I started running, all of the sickness I was feeling went away. I good run, looking at the beautiful sunset over the bay, was exactly what I needed. There are no words to describe how great my run felt. Aren’t those the best? The run that you’re expecting to be horrible, but end up turning out great? There really is no better feeling.

I ran 5 miles with an average pace just shy of an 8:25 mile. No, not impressive, but a lot better than i thought it would be.



I really dig how the flash emphasizes my cellulite… cute.

Today, I learned a lesson. A very important lesson.

Never… and i repeat, NEVER run at noon in Florida. You will melt and be miserable and contemplate jumping in the bay to keep yourself from bursting into flames. I’m probably being dramatic, but I’m from New York so I’m allowed to not be able to handle the heat (my excuse).

Before my run, I did Tone It Up‘s full body workout playlist. I liked just being able to do multiple workouts once through instead of doing one routine multiple times. It kept things interesting.



I honestly struggled through my three miles. My plantar fasciitis was acting up and my legs were shaky from just doing the workouts prior. I was also dying from the burning sun… just wasn’t my day. But I did it!


Sweaty and happy. And yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am wearing a Blogilates workout tank!

My night was spent in the most wonderful way possible…

I got to see Thor 2 with my wonderful big and twin (sorority family).



My oh my was it good! First off… Chris Hemsworth. Need I say more?

Besides the eye candy, it was just an amazing movie. The story of Thor is one of my favorites by Marvel. It’s so interesting and fantasical and all the characters have so much depth to them. It also had some freakin’ sick fight scenes so that’s always good.

I really want to say more about this movie because I really did love it… but I’m falling asleep and I can already tell that my writing in this post is getting more atrocious by the paragraph.

Good night to you all! I’m spending the weekend with my grandparent’s… so excited!



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