A Weekend Away and Stress Beyond Belief

Hello friends! It’s been a couple of days! 

I spent the weekends with my grandparents in St. Pete’s so I didn’t have wi-fi and I really wanted to write about the weekend so I didn’t want to just put up a bunch of pictures from my phone.

There are no words for how excited I was to get off campus for the weekend. There is so much unnecessary drama here and so many not nice people. It was just so nice to get away and to enter the calm, loving environment that is my grandparent’s condo… Ok, not really their condo. Unfortunately, shortly before I came down here to school, a pipe burst in their condo. The pipe flooded and destroyed there condo. I didn’t understand the full extent of the damage until I visited it this weekend. There are no floors or walls. I have no idea when they will be able to move back into it. I feel so bad for them and the amount of money that they have to spend on repairs, the selfish part of me is upset because I don’t know when they will be able to stay down here for me to come visit all the time.

Luckily, a kind couple from the same condo complex (not sure if that’s the right world) is allowing them to stay in the lower condo (they are two levels, normally separate condos. This couple just happens to own both the top and bottom ones) and it’s really nice! My grandparents seem comfortable there, which makes me really happy.

Saturday was an all over the place kind of day. My grandparents picked me up from school at 11:30, we went to Publix to pick up a couple of things, and then headed back to their condo. I wish that I took some pictures of the interior of the condo because it had such cool, ethnic decorations. I think I am going back again this weekend so I will be sure to take some then.

I got to do some reading in my favorite place



sitting out by the pond in the back of the condo and reading is one of my favorite things.

Next, we headed over to their country club pool for a little while where i got to hit up the gym. It was so exciting to be in a completely empty gym. The one on campus is teeny tiny and is always jam packed. It gets overwhelming at times.



Once again, I did Tone It Up’s Biker Babe workout, upped the resistance again to. Ended the workout nice and sweaty and happy!

We ended our day with my choice of restaurant which was of course…




They give you a bucket of peanuts and you get to throw the shells on the floor! It makes me feel so rebellious and hard core.

I wound up getting the blackened tilapia with pico de gallo and veggies. It felt so nice to have fresh seafood and veggies again.Image 


The highlight of my Sunday had to be my run! I woke up at 7am to cover 7 miles on my favorite trail in St. Pete’s!


This little bridge that takes you over the road makes me a lot happier than it probably should.


And you can’t beat morning skies.

The posts along the trail say that it eventually leads to the beach. I have never gotten that far, but someday I shall! It’s all about setting goals people!

Another highlight of my day was honestly breakfast…


I GOT TO EAT EGG WHITES A FRESH FRUIT! I never imagined I would miss something as simple as egg whites so much but I do, I really really do. More than anything I miss fresh fruit. I probably ate my body weight in strawberries and raspberries this weekend. Not pictured is the bag of baby carrots that I was way too excited to eat. The struggles of a college student with a meal plan and no kitchen.

I spent the rest of my day at the club finishing my book (Fallout by Ellen Hopkins) and dreading going back to campus. I had to be back by 4:30 for a sorority meeting and I pretty much got back at 4:30 on the dot. 

This week is so hectic. I have so many papers due, a project on Wednesday (that I have to speak in front of the class for), and, *deep breath* I register for classes tomorrow. Almost all of the classes that I need for my major are full so I just sorta-kinda freaking out…

And now, at last, SLEEP!

Good night!


1. Where is your favorite place to run?

2. How do you cope with stress? 


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