Hey! I’m Overly Caffeinated!

What is up my friends!?

I’m so excited right now because I finally got to schedule for my spring semester classes today! There are no words to describe how much anxiety I was feeling as I watched the classes I needed for my major fill up… Freshman register last for the most part (registration goes by credit hours), so it is very rare to get the exact schedule that you need as a frosh. Luckily, I got into a majority of the classes i wanted/needed. My schedule isn’t perfect, but it sure isn’t terrible either.



Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be so crazy for me… especially with that three hour writing class late at night. It was my intention to never take an evening class again… But hey, I’m still excited to be taking an art class. I have always wanted to. I am also excited because four of my sorority sisters are taking anatomy with me, my teacher for Writing and Inquiry is my current Creative Writing teacher and she is the best, and i have no Friday classes!

One thing that definitely scares me is thinking about what I am going to do with the rest of my life. Do I really want to spend my life being a personal trainer? I do, but… you don’t even really need a college degree to be a trainer. I want to help people and I want to do something involving fitness… but what?

I think the real issue is that my true passion, even about fitness, is music. My ultimate dream would is to be in a band and go on tour and experience the world. I want to perform for people and write lyrics that touch peoples’ hearts and that let them know that they are not alone. I know, it’s irrational. Impossible. It can’t be done. I just wish…

But still, I could be at an art academy studying music production. I want to be around music. I could work for a record label and produce music. That would be amazing too… sadly, I know that I can’t do it. That I won’t do it. I hate the feeling of “What it?”

I just have to remind myself that I am still pursuing something I love, and this is something more stable. I can still try to do music as a hobby. I also want to write books, another thing that I can do on the side instead of trying to make it my career.

I hate having to be an adult….

On a lighter, less pathetic note…

Today was pretty normal once again. After registering, I headed out for a run. I was only able to cover three miles, my legs were so unbelievably dead. I guess they needed a shorter distance today. Tomorrow will be better!


It was overcast today and I absolutely loved it! I really love dreary weather sometimes!

I ended my run at starbucks.


Iced coffee with soy milk and two pumps of sugar free caramel syrup to celebrate a successful registration!

The rest of the day was spent doing the one billion (that is the actual number) of assignments that I have due. One of these assignments involved writing my life story using three incidents involving my hair… oh creative writing…

Then, I headed to creative writing, got dinner with my friend, and headed to Starbucks with my big to complete our presentation on obesity that we have for Health Science tomorrow.


Can I just say that sitting at starbucks with my laptop and my skinny peppermint mocha made me fee sooo college? Wow, I’m a new level of lame. I seriously felt so legit though!

Well, it is not time for a sleepy, yet overly caffeinated Erin to go to bed. Here’s to hoping that I don’t pass out during my presentation tomorrow (I can’t public speak for my life)!



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