A Weekend Off Campus…

Hello friends!

Once again, I spent a weekend without wi-fi. It stinks too, because I really had a lot to say.

I spent the weekend with my grandparents (again) at the condo that they are renting while theirs is being redone. There was flooding in their condo which caused mold. The entire thing had to be gutted. Seeing it makes me so sad. There are no walls or floors. Their condo has always been my favorite place in the world, so seeing it completely destroyed honestly makes me feel sick.

My grandparents came to pick me up on Saturday morning at around 11. There are no words for how happy I was to get off campus and escape the craziness here. Their condo is so quiet and peaceful.

After touching down at the condo, I laced up my running shoes and headed out the door. I was feeling really sick, so I did four very easy miles.


Can’t beat running along the water…

My plantar fasciitis has also been acting up so, of course, I rocked my ProCompression socks.


Typical running shoe selfie.

The rest of the day was spent sitting on the porch writing.


Does this not look like the perfect place to do some quality writing?

9 and a half page personal narrative for my creative writing class – check!

It is so amazing actually be somewhere quiet. My campus is in the middle of the city, so obviously, there is always noise. Horns, sirens, traffic. Those I can deal with. It is the constant yelling of drunken teenagers all over the place and the yelling in the hallways. Being outside with no sounds but that of nature and the occasional golfer driving by? I couldn’t ask for much else.

Oh, and to make things even better, my grandma gave me a tray of vegetable.


Veggie trays make me so much happier than they should…

Saturday was honestly just super chill. I walked up to Publix, baked for my friends (cake mix cookies), and went out to dinner by the beach.

Sunday, like Saturday was another nice and quiet day.

Started my day off with a seven mile run! Still not feeling that great, it honestly turned into more of a walk/run. I always feel so pathetic whenever I walk on one of my runs. I always need to remind myself that it is just part of being a runner. We all have good days and bad days. What matters is pushing through the bad days so that you can really really appreciate the good ones.


Also, a beautiful view always makes a run worth while! It started drizzling about three miles into my run. I love running in the rain. Wow, the sentences in this post are so choppy. It’s awful.

I got back from my run, showered, and went to church. Then it was time for breakfast.

My grandma really wanted to try out this new place called Steam that we passed while driving home from the restaurant Saturday night.



Egg whites are another one of those weird things that make me waaay happier than they should.

I got the “egg white scramble,” which was scrambled egg whites (uh, duh), mushrooms, and artichoke hearts over a bed of spinach. Oh! There were also balsamic drizzled tomatoes! So yummy and healthy! One of the things that I’m most looking forward to about going back home for Thanksgiving (besides the obvious being home and seeing my family thing) is cooking and juicing again. I need healthier foods in my life. I feel so disgusted by how few vegetables I get here…

I am back on campus right now, trying to fight the overwhelming desire to eat out of boredom. I do that far too much. It’s disgusting.

Sorry, ending this post on a negative note. Maybe it was the 5am fire alarm this morning =P


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