The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

First thing’s first.

I wore real people clothes today (as opposed to the usual baggie, cross country shirts and leggings that I normally wear).



Oversized (and by oversized, i mean oversized) flannel shirt – Forever 21

High wasted leggings – Forever 21

White t-shirt – Brandy Melville

Shoes – Vans: Off The Wall

Purse – RED by Mark Echo (Macy’s)

Today’s workout, staying true to my promise to take a few days off from running, I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes of HIIT.

Elevation = level 10

Warm up – 5 minutes

Peddling forward

5 minutes – starting at resistance 5, up resistance by one every minute

At highest resistance, peddle backwards for 2 minutes

peddle forwards 1 minute

bring resistance down to level 4 and SPRINT (steps per minute over 200) 1 minute

1 minute recovery

Repeat whole thing. This time peddling backwards.

Then I repeated it forwards again,


About 5 miles accomplished!

After that I completed two Tone It Up Workouts (wow… shocker. I know.)


The Cowabunga Workout


And the Santorini Bikini Workout

Wow… I reeally didn’t do enough. I honestly just got really upset and self-conscious and anxious while I was doing my strength training and I had to leave the gym. I couldn’t handle it. Pathetic, I know.

On a lighter note…

Last night, at the lovely time of 8pm, I saw the “midnight” (not at midnight though) premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


Like the teenage girl that I am, I looove the Hunger Games. I read them years ago, before they were a popular thing (oh, oh so hipster of me). The concept of dystopias have been a topic of interest to me ever since I read The City of Ember back in Fourth Grade.

I went with my best (and pretty much my only) friend here at college, Shannon. She also read the book so after the movie we, naturally, launched into a discussion of book vs. movie.


The Good

  • For the most part, they did a really good job with casting. I found Johanna to be absolutely perfect for the part. Shannon and I also agreed that Plutarch, Maggs, and Wiress, and Beetee were all perfectly cast.
  • The entire portion of the movie that took place in the arena was absolutely perfect. They did an amazing job on it.
  • I cried about 25 times… Why is this good? Well, I know a movie is good if it makes me cry… I’m not weird at all…. Pssh..
  • Katniss’ wedding dress turned mocking jay was absolutely INCREDIBLE.



The Ehhh….

  • Ok. They WAAAAYYY overdid the whole Katniss-Gale-Peeta-love-triangle thing… Gale kissed Katniss about 5 minutes into the movie and the second that it happened me and Shannon gave each other complete “WTF” looks… THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK. The thing is… I hate when they try to Hollywood up great stories to make them more appealing to the teeny-boppers. The story really isn’t about love. Love is a part of the story, yes. But the main point of the story is revolution, hope, survival, and Katniss’ unceasing desire to protect her family.
  • It’s always hard to make a movie out of a book where the character is talking in first person. In the book, we hear Katniss’ thoughts. We can see her starting to truly care for Peeta in a new way. We can see all of her inner conflicts. Of course, this not being portrayed right really can’t be helped. It just happens in movies.
  • They left out the part where Plutarch shows Katniss his watch while they are dancing… That’s pretty darn major.

Over-all i really loved the movie. I think they did an even better job with this one than the first and I am way too excited for the next one. I can’t wait.

Now if you will excuse me… I’m gonna go do some online Christmas shopping. May the odds be ever in your favor y’all!


What are your favorite types of books to read?

Have you seen Catching Fire yet? What are your feelings about it?


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