The Best Day I’ve Had In A While…

Hello friends!

Today was actually one of, if not the, best days that i have had down here at college.

My friend Shannon and I went and did something that we have been talking about doing since we first came down here…



Everybody…. say hello to Snooty.

Snooty is a 65 year old manatee that resides in South Florida Aquarium in Bradenton. He was born on July 21, 1948, and is the oldest manatee in captivity. He is also, more likely than not, the oldest manatee in the world. Manatees lifespans in the wild tend to be short. I had always read that they lived to be about 30 in the wild… recently the average lifespan has dropped to 5. This is due not only to boats (manatees are slow moving and are often hit by idiotic boaters that don’t pay attention to speed limits), but to cold water temperatures. Manatees need warm water to survive. When the water drops to 78 or lower, they can experience frostbite and other health problems.

Incase you haven’t picked this up from the little tangent that I just went on… I really love manatees. They have been my favorite animals for as long as I can remember. Every year, when I come down here to visit my grandparents in St. Petersburg, I go to the Lowry Park Zoo and visit their manatee hospital. I fell in love with the gentle giants at first sight and have been in love with them ever since.

Since coming to college, I have been lucky enough to become friends with someone who shares my deep love for manatees.


This is my super pretty friend Shannon.

Anyway… I got to see the world’s oldest manatee. That in itself made today a great day. I mean, how many people can say that they got to see the world’s oldest manatee? Ok… thousands of people can say that… but still…


I took A LOT of awkward, unattractive selfies with manatees today…


And manatee statues…




My personal favorite….

Manatees are pretty much the cutest things in the world by the way. Every time Snooty wanted more food, he would stick his face out of the water and shake his lip around. So stinkin’ cute.



We ❤ Snooty!

The museum itself was pretty cool too… especially if you are someone who loves museums like I am. It was just basically a lot of stuff from the Bradenton area. I thought it was cool to see thing like what an operating looked like in the early 1900s and the different tools that they used for operating. They even had some examples of glass eyes that were used. So cool… and slightly creepy.




I’m also a sucker for old cars…

After our little trip to the museum, we had planned on driving to Sarasota and doing some shopping. We didn’t realize how cute Bradenton would be, so instead we decided to just walk the River Walk.





We also found a skate park right along the water… for real, in a perfect universe I would be a total skater (boi) chick… The people there just all seemed like my kind of people. They probably listen to my kind of music too…



Shannon and I both agreed that we would love to live in Bradenton… Everybody that we met was so friendly and nice. It was a city, but still quiet and peaceful. There seemed like so much to do, even just along the River Walk. Plus, it was so amazingly beautiful…



It really made me remember why I wanted to move to Florida for school in the first place… I wish that my campus and the area around it was more like Bradenton. If you live in Bradenton… I am very jealous of you.

I wonder how many times I have said Bradenton in this post…

We ended our wonderful little day trip with a trip to Cracker Barrel. Now, let me just say that we don’t have Cracker Barrel back home and it’s kind of one of the greatest places ever. It’s. So. Cute! Our server was also this really sweet guy who kind of resembled Ryan Goseling… We talked to him about manatees and the Hunger Games and he was so nice and funny. It’s so refreshing to meet genuinely nice people. Honestly, most of the people on my campus just don’t seem all that nice. A lot of people blame it on the fact that a large number of them are from the North. I’m from up north and I don’t find myself to be a rude person… I don’t know. It was just nice to be around kind people today…

I got a grilled chicken salad and it was super delicious and Shannon gave me one of her biscuits and it kinda-sorta made my day….

When I got back to campus, I quickly threw on my running clothes and went for a quick and easy three mile run. I know that I said that I was going to lay off running until my foot felt better, but I was running short on time and I was just really craving a run. Luckily, my foot didn’t hurt at all during my run! I also made sure to ice it as soon as possible after my run. Hopefully it still feels good tomorrow. I hate how often I’m injured…

Then finally…



Obviously, every good day ends with froyo…



Where would be your ideal place to live? 

What’s your favorite animal?



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