All Signs Point North…

As I’m writing this, all I can think of are two things… How much my eyes hurts (long story) and how excited I am to go home tonight.

That’s right, at 7:15 tonight I will be on a plane heading back to the greatest person on earth… Long Island. 
I miss home so much, and the fact that things here at school aren’t exactly all rainbows and sunshine just makes me more desperate to be home where although things aren’t exactly wonderful either, I at least know that I have people that care about me.

Things aren’t great here. My roommates treat me badly… really badly. I want to eventually do a whole post about it, but I don’t want to do it yet just because I don’t want anybody (mostly them) to find it. Just know that it is really bad. Most nights I am forced to sleep on the floors of other people’s rooms. Last night was worst of all. I showed up outside of my friend’s room at 2 in the morning, crying hysterically, hence why my eyes hurt so much right now…

I’m just tired of it all… all I can think of to do is transfer. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to give up. I only have one good friend here, but at the same time I don’t want to leave that one friend. I want things to get better. I need things to get better. I’m not ready to run away yet, but at the same time I am. 

Ok. Enough of this sad, annoying, emotional-ness…

On the upside… I did a new workout on the treadmill yesterday and it was really fun!


Wow. Erin does a Tone It Up workout… I know, it’s a shocker. 

This workout was so fun though! And so tough! I’m so out of practice when it comes to running on an incline. It made me miss cross country in the worst way. I changed the speeds up a little bit at the end (sped it up a bit) and wound up covering 3.15 miles. I’m definitely going to start doing this workout more often. So so so so so fun!

I then followed it up with the Love Your Abs routine x2 (I should have done more)



Well, I have been blogging instead of packing so I should probably do that! I’ll probably wind up blogging from the airport later today. And if I don’t… next time I speak to y’all I’ll be home!!!!!!!


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