Hey guys… well, I guess that it’s become a habit of mine that I will post everyday and then not post for while… I have been back here at school since Sunday, and I couldn’t be less happy to be here. I want to keep this blog a cheerful, and uplifting place, I really do. It’s just… the recent happenings here at school really make it hard to be. So I can’t bring myself to write.

I have a bad roommate situation here. I really bad one. They go out of their way to come back to the room super late at night, turning on all the lights and being super loud. They bring all of their guy friends in here all the time and they make comments at me. The night before I left for Thanksgiving break, I wound up showing up at my friend’s door at 2am and sitting on her floor for three hours hysterically crying. It’s just… bad. I wound up not even sleeping back at home because I was so stressed about coming back to school, and I had a breakdown right before getting on the plane.

I wanted this blog to be about my life getting better, not worse. I wanted to give people a look at my awesome college experience and about how I am trying to better myself and find happiness through a healthy lifestyle. I was excited. I love writing and I want to blog. I love it. I just feel bad that I am so depressing and lame I guess… I’m not that interesting.

I put in a form to change rooms. I will find out tomorrow whether or not I am getting out of this room. If it all works out, the situation I will be entering won’t be ideal. But it will (hopefully) be better. And that is all I can ask for.

Sorry for this lame post guys. Promise I’ll be back with my usual content later!!


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