Insanity Asylum and Christmas Shopping

Obviously the things that I title my posts are super profound and give no insight into what the post is going to be about …


This morning, I began what will be my work out plan for the next month… Insanity: The Asylum Vol. 1. 



I am a huge fan of the original Insanity workouts. I purchased the DVDs over 2 years ago after finding a stream of some of the workouts online (yes. I illegally did the workouts before purchasing them… whoops). Though I never did the full program all the way through (the idea of not running for 3 months sounded like torture), I have done every one of the workouts, including the bonus max interval sports training, numerous times as cross training and I have loved every single one. Naturally, when I found out that there was a second version of Insanity that was even more intense than the first, I needed to get my hands on it.

Since The Asylum only lasts a month (unless you choose to continue onto the hybrid calendar that is included with the DVD), I figured that it would be perfect for the 5 week winter break from college. I’m probably going to wind up running on the rests days, since I can’t live without it, but I’m really excited to see where this program takes me.

My goals for the Asylum: 

  1. Push myself to a new level of fitness
  2. Get faster (a large focus of this series of workouts is sports performance and agility)
  3. Lose weight
  4. Learn to accept myself (not really caused by the workouts but hopefully it will help)

Today, I started the program off with the fitness test. This is a short routine that you are supposed to do the first day, at the halfway point, and the last day of the program. After a warmup and stretch, you are taken through a series of 9 moves that are to be performed for a minute each. The goal is to get as many reps as possible while still maintaining proper form (so basically an AMRAP workout), then record your results. The purpose is to see your improvement as the program progresses. The moves were HARD. I’m a distance runner and I try to consider myself in pretty good shape. However, my upper body strength isn’t exactly awesome, so the more strength intensive moves were almost impossible for me. Also, I’m not sure how my form was. One downside about working out at home, there is no one to correct your form.

Imagewow I need a manicure…

I could definitely tell that my level of fitness is more endurance than strength. The more endurance and speed based moves were closer to the people in the video’s numbers, while my strength based move numbers were waaaay off.

I’m excited, and kind of nervous to start this program tomorrow!

Also, something different about The Asylum is that it actually uses equipment. The workout comes in a box with the DVDS, an agility ladder, and a jump rope. You are also instructed to have dumbells, and an optional pull up bar.

I also had my first Shakeology experience this morning…



Shakeology is one of those things that Beachbody (the producers of Insanity, P90x, and Turbo Fire) really pushes. It is said to be the best supplement out there as far as getting in an obscene amount of vegetables. I have always been curious about it, but have never really taken the initiative to buy it. So, when there was an offer for a free 7 day supply of Shakeology with my purchase of Insanity, I had to take it.



My thoughts? No bueno. It wasn’t the worse protein that I have ever taken, but it definitely wasn’t enjoyable. I look forward to my shakes in the morning so I was really disappointed and wound up not completely finishing it.

Later, I also did Level 2 of Jillian Micahel’s 30 Day Shred. I really should do level 3 as well, but I’m my legs are so sore from yesterday that I am having trouble working up the motivation.

The rest of the day was spent braving the snow and christmas shopping. I went to Michael’s and bought some supplies to make some cute DIY presents for my mom and best friend, and a movie, popcorn, and candy for my little brother.

I made one of the 2 things that I am making for my best friend, and I am reeeally liking how it came out! I’ll post a picture next week when I give it to him. I don’t want to post one now just incase he sees it (not that he even knows about this blog but still). 

I also got to cook again!



Shirataki noodles with chicken and whole mess of green veggies. Getting to eat real vegetables is seriously the best. NEVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED.

Now, I am off to go cuddle up with my family and watch, “A Christmas Story!” Farewell!


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