There really is no place like home…

Greetings from…


Yesterday, I took my very last final (I literally was the last person I know to finish finals) and raced straight from class to the airport. Airports always stress me out, especially when I am running late and it is only my second time riding an airplane alone. Luckily, the airport by my school is relatively small (compared to Laguardia and JFK) and easy to navigate. I wound up making it through security with time to spare.


A festive beverage and some blog reading. I think this is becoming an airport tradition of mine, and yes that is Hungry Runner Girl, her blog is my absolute favorite!

I boarded the plane, and two hours and a half hours (and a VERY bumpy ride) later, I was finally back in the greatest place on earth… New York! 

Going away has really made me realize just how much I love where I live. I love everything about it from the cute little houses, to the stores, and, somehow, even to the cold. I’m not sure if I would be saying this though if I was still living here. I am SO sick of the Florida heat at this point, I’m ready for the weather to drop out of the 80’s into some nice, chilly running and sweater weather.

Home is the greatest place on earth.



My mama made me a sign because she is adorable.


She also got me some, “welcome home,” goodies! Some toothpaste, because… I need it, and straws, to support my smoothie addiction (and I can’t drink them without a straw or I am sad)!

Sleeping in my own bed was also so nice. Last time I was home, I barely slept because I was having so much anxiety about going back to school. I would literally just lie there thinking, “Only 3 more days and I have to go back there.” It was terrible. I was finally able to move out of my dorm room back at college. I know that I have briefly mentioned it, but I had a really terrible rooming situation and it pretty much resulted in my first semester of college being a living hell for me. The rooming situation that I have moved into now is apparently (according to the two girls that moved out of the room I moved into) is less that idea. But, nothing could be worse than what I was in. As long as I am not made fun of and meant to feel like I am not even a person… I should be good.

Onto some happier stuff! 

This morning, it was so nice to get back into my old routine again. Wakeup, brush teeth, workout, wash face, breakfast. It’s such a simple little routine that I sorely missed.

I decided to do legs today and did two super awesome Blogilates videos



I did her new, “Sexy Sculpted Legs Workout” followed by her, “Skinny Legs for Leggings” workout. Both of which were killer, especially the second video. It was seriously so tough and so fun. Plus, I’m a huge fan of bularian lunges and she did them in this video! Woohoo!

After my workout, breakfast was eaten while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I made sure that my mom recorded it for me since I couldn’t watch it at school… it’s the highlight of my year! As always, it was amazing. Although, I hated how Taylor Swift sort of stole the show and acted somewhat snobbily towards Patrick Stump (the unbelievably talented lead singer of Fall Out Boy). Like, she got to sing with Fall Out Boy… That’s amazing. And Pat is so adorable and inhumanly talented… hm. I think I’m getting too emotional over nothing.


Egg whites for breakfast because they make me happy.

Later in the day, I bundled up and braved the cold for a run! Honestly, being someone who hates cold weather, I am shocked by how much more enjoyable I find running in the cold than in the heat. I think the air in Florida is just normally heavier than the air here. I find running a lot easier and more relaxing here. I set out to cover 4 miles and wound up covering 5 instead. I love when that happens. 



I’m just so happy to be home. There are no words. 

Also, tonight, I went and saw Frozen with my mom and brother. I had actually already seen the movie (I went last week with my big and my twin from my sorority), but I my mom wanted me and my brother to see it with her, and it’s an incredible movie so I was more than happy to see it again. I actually might wind up seeing it a third time with my best friend at some point soon… Yeah… I’m mildly obsessed.


I also may or may not have a huge crush on Kristoff (the guy on the left) and yes I know that he is animated…. don’t judge me.

The music in the movie is incredible. I have probably listened to Indina Menzel singing “Let It Go” 500 times in the last week. The characters were great and the plot, thought it did have a few holes in it that bothered me, was wonderful and different. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can buy it and watch it every single day.

Alright, time to go to sleep and dream about Kristoff nice things.

Good night! 





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