That day I was supposed to do the Asylum but didn’t….

Hello friends!

This morning started with a 9am wakeup call (wait, since when do I sleep past 9 anyway?) to get ready for mass. 



Being back in New York means that I need to become an eskimo every time I go out side. Holy heck is it cold here! Although, I have to say that it isn’t making me as miserable as I thought it would. I’m just so grateful to be home, not even the cold can get me down. Honestly, I was actually starting to get sick and tired of the hot Florida weather. It doesn’t feel like Christmas time when it is 85 degrees out on a daily basis!

After church, I still hadn’t eaten yet so I made myself a smoothie. I decided to forgo the Shakeology after yesterday’s less-than-delightful smoothie in favor of some PB2 (yes, I know that it’s not exactly protein powder, but it does the job) and today’s smoothie was MUCH more enjoyable than yesterday’s.


Now, I know that I was supposed to start Insanity: The Asylum today… but I decided to put it off until tomorrow. I promise that I have good reasons though!!

  1. My body is still unbelievably tight and sore so I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give the workout me all.
  2. I found out that my gym membership is still in effect (mom forgot to freeze it while I was away) so, I had to go and workout there. After all, Health Trax Gym was my home away from home all through high school.


Sorry for the extremely blurry photo.. I felt creepy taking a picture so I tried to take it while walking.

I decided that I was going to do one of my favorite stair master workouts! We don’t have a stair master at the gym back at school and I have really been missing that horribly painful, yet amazing machine!



I did a 40 minute variation of this workout and covered 3.47 miles while watching Awkward! Such a great show, I forgot how much I loved it. Now I need to do some serious catching up on it because I have no idea what has been happening in season 3.

After, I went and did an easy 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, followed by a 5 minute walking cool down on the treadmill.

Ooo! We also got out Christmas tree today! It’s beautiful!

We invited my mom’s parents, my cousin, her husband, and their baby over to eat dinner and help us decorate it! Pretty much, we just bribed them into helping us with my mom’s famous sauce and meatballs.



I ate my sauce over spaghetti squash (oh how I have missed it!), with a side of the salad that my mom threw together. It feels so nice to be getting all of these vegetables into my body.

The tree was decorated while sipping tea or hot chocolate and listening to the Bing Crosby Holiday station on Pandora.



Simple nights with the family are the best kind of nights.

Good night! 



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