Insanity the Asylum Days 1 & 2

Hey people!

Last night I felt really sick and wound up taking Benadryl which knocked me out before I was able to type a post (hello run-on sentence).

So, yesterday, I officially started my journey with Insanity: The Asylum. I guess you could say that it started when I did the fitness test… But this was the first real workout… and the calendar says that this was day 1 so I’m going to say that it’s the beginning.

The first workout on the calendar was “Speed and Agility.”


(I really need to start taking pictures with a better camera)

I had super-duper high hopes for this work out. I also expected it to be one that I would be good at. Speed and agility? I’m a runner. Bring it on.

Oh was this workout so much harder than I expected.

The entire layout of the Asylum workouts are different than they are in regular insanity. The warm up progresses through different moves (this DVD used the jump rope in the warmup) instead of doing three rounds of the same thing. I actually think that I like this setup better. You don’t get bored (not that Insanity is ever boring).

Like in the normal Insanity DVDs, after the warmup, Shaun T takes you through a series of stretches. Once again, these stretches are different than what I am used to.

Then… the torture work begins.



The agility rope and I will become buddies… some day. For now, we are sworn enemies.

This workout challenged both my upper body and lower body. I was actually shocked by how many moves required the use of my upper body… once again… runner. Upper body isn’t exactly my strong-suit. 

This workout was tough, intense, and fast. A few times I had to rewind the video a tiny bit to see exactly how I was supposed to do a certain move. Shaun doesn’t take much time explaining things. This workout is about speed and seeing how much you can do. 

I’m excited to see myself improve and get better at this workout!

Today was day 2, and that meant … *cue dramatic music* STRENGTH!!

I was nervous for the strength DVD. I mean, I do my 30 minutes of strength workouts every morning, but I’m no muscle man. I just simply prefer cardio over strength, so 50 minutes of intense strength training seemed like a very daunting task.

This workout requires either a set of dumbells or a resistance band. Now, I only have 5 pound dumbells at home, so I imagine that as I get stronger I should go out and get a set of 10s. Once again, it’s going to be fun seeing myself get stronger.

I was pleasantly surprised by this workout… I loved it! Maybe even much as Speed and Agility! The moves were compound (my favorite kind of strength moves!) and progressive. Each round, a movement was added on to a specific move, making it a little bit harder than the move before it. There were also some bursts of cardio! 

I loooved this workout! I’m so excited! Tomorrow is all about back… wish me luck!

And now, for a random photo of my dinner because this post is seriously lacking in pictures and because my dinner was delicious.



Chicken and spaghetti squash… yumyumyum… Just wish I had a green veggie in there.

Oh well!

After dinner, I did 2 Blogilates “HIITalates” videos while catching up (or should I say “keeping up” *winkwink*) on the Kardashians.. Such a guilty pleasure >.<.



Nothing like getting a little sweat on before bed ;). Between Insanity and these… man oh man will I be sore tomorrow!!


And now off to sleep because this girl needs to get her kid brother to school in the morning!



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