Today was… Interesting…

To say the least…

It all started as a normal Wednesday at home. Wake up at 7. Wake up little brother. Shake little brother vigorously until he finally gets up. Make little brother breakfast (Ovaltine and waffles because I’m a rad big sister 😉 ). Take little brother to school.

After taking James (that’s “little brother’s name!) to school, I set up to do today’s Insanity workout.

Today’s scheduled workout was “Back to Core,” which I expected would be … Well… A core based workout.

But of course, I was wrong. I’m starting to learn that when it comes to The Asylum, you need to expect the unexpected. Back to core was, in fact, a back workout. Yes, it works the core  in the sense that the core must be engaged to properly do the moves, but it was ALL about the back. Oh that upper body… Yup… not my thing.

This workout was tough and, whilst it focused mainly on the back, it worked the legs, booty, and abs as well.The hardest part for me was this one sequence where you had to hold a lunge for a billion years (yes, that is an accurate number) while to back moves. I had to stand for a second during that (I’m ashamed to even admit that). Again, I have to improve throughout the course of the series.

Sweat wise, it this workout got my heart rate up , but not nearly as much as I am used to with Insanityy. I wouldaalmost think of this workout as an active rest day kind of workout.. You get some great strength training in with small burst of cardio in the beginning and end. Definitely the “easiest” (I put easiest in quotes because there is nothing easy about Insanity) workout I have done yet from the Asylum so far. Tomoorrow is Vertical Plyo and i am SO excited/scared because cardio is kind of my thing!

The best part of finishing a morning workout is a breakfast smoothie after!

… Oh wait… I didn’t take a picture of my smoothie today. Oh darn. Now how ever will you know what it looks like? It’s not like I post pictures of the same smoothie every day…

I also got a much needed haircut today. I’m a wimp and put off getting haircuts as long as possible because my hair is my security blanket and I’m a baby and normally cry every time I get it cut because I feel like it looks bad.

Somehow, today, for the first time in my entire life… actually liked my haircut! It’s a Christmas miracle!


I really wanted my hair a certain way but it would apparently look weird long, so she just added a long layer and some angles. I have to say, it made me feel a lot better.

Things have been rough lately. I have just been feeling worse and worse about myself. My body honestly disgusts me, as does my entire appearance. It sounds vain and stupid, I know. But it’s all I can think of. I wound up being late for my hair appointment because I had an anxiety attack over being out in public. It’s shameful and embarrassing. On top of my normal self-hatred, I’m stressing over whether or not to stay at my current university, getting a job, and helping my friends who are struggling with their own problems. I hate focusing on my self, so instead I put everything into helping others… But it gets to a point where I need to help myself, and I don’t know how.

I’m sorry for this post suddenly taking a depressing spin… I just needed to vent for a second.

Now, we move onto the weird part of my day…

After getting my brother from school, I got dressed to go for a quick and easy three mile run.

Turns out, it’s winter outside. Do you know what that means? Ice.


My run practically turned into ice skating. I made sure to keep my pace slow and to keep my eyes peeled for patches of ice.

No, that isn’t the strange part of my run.

So… about 2.5 miles in… this happened. (Don’t look at the next picture if small amounts of blood bother you).

IMG_2012Yup. That’s blood. From my nose. Yup. It water fall-ed out of my nose. Yup. I’m sure you all really wanted to see a picture of my nose blood.

My nose never bleeds, and it has NEVER bled on a run. I don’t really know why this happened… all I know is that there was a lot of blood and I stood there awkwardly trying to press snow up to my nose while people out walking there dogs stared at me.

I then proceeded to run the next half mile home with blood spilling down my face.


I then had to walk into the house and try to hide my blood covered  face from my little brother since I thought freaking him out probably wouldn’t be the best thing to do…

Later, when my mom got home from work, I got to make dinner! I have missed cooking so much, especially cooking healthy meals for other people.



I made roasted asparagus, scallops from the Tone It Up nutrition plan, and salmon with a honey mustard teriyaki sauce. I also put some snow peas on the table for James. With dinner we also had some left over sweet potato from last night.



My plate!

My mom said it was all delicious. So basically, she made my day ^.^

Before I go, I will leave you with one more weird thing that happened today.

I was at the mall in Hot Topic (best store ever) looking at CDs. I saw the new Five Finger Death Punch (quality band by the way) album up on the top of the shelf, so I went to grab it and…


They all fell to the floor.


To add to my awkwardness, I made a really weird, high pitched noise when they fell and then yelled to tht entire store, “I’m sorry! I promise I’ll go far away from the CDs”

I then put the CDs back on the shelf, bought a Pierce the Veil beanies (I had to buy something after knocking the CDs over right?), and exited the store.

Oh, just a typical day in the life of Erin.

Until tomorrow mis amigos!



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