NYC Part Dos

Well hello there my internet friends! (I never know how to begin blog posts…)

So, yesterday I wound up getting home super late from the city (yes I went for the second day in a row!) and was too sick/exhausted to blog… Go me! I really need to work out a new system when it comes to posting because I always wind up posting at like 1am and something tells me that that really isn’t the best time for blogging. That is the time for sleeping! I’m thinking that maybe I should start blogging in the mornings and make them about the day before… but who knows. Eventually I will get some sort of system down. 

Yesterday was a rest day on the Insanity schedule, so I took advantage of not having a crazy workout scheduled for the day and went to the gym!



45 minute workout on the good ‘ol elliptical. Man oh man is it nice to be in a gym with more than one elliptical and that isn’t filled with 20 year old guys checking themselves out! I know I have said this before… but my gym back at home really is my second home. It just makes me happy to be there!

After the gym, I quickly showered and put some makeup on this face of mine and then headed into the city with my mom for some good old mother-daughter bonding!



I’m only just noticing that, “direction to New York,” sign.

We got into the city and headed over to Times Square (which for some reason was under construction and closed off… seems like a weird time of year for construction work if you ask me) and then from there we went to Bryant Park!



Bryant Park is one of my absolute favorite places during Christmas time. The tree, though it’s not Rockefeller Center tree, is absolutely beautiful. There is also ice skating and adorable little booths selling fun and festive food, trinkets, or clothing, all over the place. I could be there for hours… and we were.


In the Max Brenner booth, they gave me some chocolate covered pecan thing and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Their little hot chocolate, “hug mugs,” are also the cutest things on the planet.

The best part of my day was probably this…


All my life… those long 18 years that I have been on this planet… I have never once tried a macaroon. Now, being a total instagram junkie, I have obviously seen more than enough pictures of these pretty french cookies. I have always wanted to try one but, not being one to really eat cookies and stuff, and not knowing where to get them, I haven’t. So that’s why, right when I saw this booth I asked my mom if she would want to split a macaroon with me.

After much debate (so many flavors and so bad at making decisions) I finally settled on the dark chocolate macaroon.



Oh my gosh. It was so light and sweet but not to sweet and oh my goodness so good. My mom and I both loved it and now I think we need to go to France because obviously liking a French cookie is a good reason to book a flight to another country.

Later, we walked over to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. I had seen it the day before with my friend, but we wanted to see it at night!



So pretty!

And the little show thing that Saks has is always fun too



All in all… it was a good day!

Today was pretty low key. I ran some errands, ran into an old friend, and worked out (ab work and Insanity Speed and Agility). My goal is to get a decent amount of sleep tonight since I’ve been feeling pretty sick lately. I’m also going running with a cross country friend tomorrow so I am excited for that!

Goodnight !


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