That pretty much sums today up in one word. The highlight of my day was getting to go running with one of my cross country friends! 

We ran three easy miles together while chatting about our college experiences. I really do enjoy having running as my alone time, but at the same time, running with another person is a nice change! I would love to try to get my friends to do longer runs with me to make the time go by quickly, but I don’t think anyone I know would be willing to wake up early and run 6+ miles with me… Some day! 

So at the preserve that we typically run at, there are goats that apparently “work” there. Their jobs are grazing and keeping the grass looking all nice! A job based solely on eating? That sounds like a dream come true for most people. Gosh… goats just get all the luck.

We have this thing where after we run we need to go bond with the goats for a little while. I like to think that the goats remember me and get excited when I visit them… they probably just think, “Wow, this girl really needs to get out more.” …



We found the goats’ family tree! My favorite name here is Windsor Von-Greybeard. So fancy!



Just hangin’ with the bestie.



My friend locked her keys in her car so she had to climb through the teeny-tiny gap in her truck to get into her car to unlock it. This isn’t the first time she has done this. During cross country try-outs last year, she locked her keys in her van so, “no one could steal them.” 

This is why she’s one of my favorite people!










Sunday fundays always end with froyo



When I got home, I did some Christmas baking, did Insanity Strength, and did some more baking. Busy day tomorrow! So much to do before Christmas!!!


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