Squash on Squash on Squash…

I promise that the title of this blog post will eventually somewhat make sense!

There past two days have been so hectic (I feel like I describe 99% of my days as hectic… what am I going to do once I actually have a job?), I feel like I haven’t had a moment to think. Actually, not thinking for a while is probably a good thing for me. Not thinking means not being able to stress about absolutely everything in my life! Woohoo!

So, yesterday I went into the city to do some shopping (window shopping mostly).



Can we just talk about how rad this picture is? I’m so proud of it… Plus, it got like 35 likes on instagram and it’s actually pathetic how happy that made me. Haha!

We just shopped around for a little while in Times Square, spending most of the time in Forever 21. Have you ever been in the Forever 21 in NYC? It’s flipping massive! It literally took us an hour and a half just to get through the entire store! We also each only wound up buying like 2 things…

Next, we went into the Disney store because I have been trying to get a Sven (the reindeer from Frozen) plushie for over a month now! I am literally OBSESSED with Frozen. I have seen it 3 times, and I have been looking to see it a third time… I may or may not be mildly addicted to the movie Frozen… whoops.


Today was another mess of a day. This morning I got my brother up for school (you have no idea what a struggle this task is) and took him to school, then tried to get some more sleep since I haven’t gotten more than 5 hours of sleep a night in over a week. I slept for like a half an hour and then all of this stuff happened and I didn’t wind up officially starting my day (i.e. eating breakfast) until almost noon. Grr, I hate when I start my days late, I feel like I wasted a day. I actually can’t sleep past 9, or 10 being the latest, because I hate hate hate feeling like I wasted a day.

Today, since I now have a working phone, I was finally able to access my instagram again! Which means that I can officially check in for the Love Your Body Challenge! If you don’t know what the Love Your Body Challenge is, it is a yearly (this being the second year) challenge by the girls at Tone It Up that takes place between New Years and Valentine’s Day. I’ll link the info here. Y’all should definitely take part in the challenge! Karena and Katrina are my role models and it’s a lot of fun!

Here’s a little picture of my check in to sum up my day – IMG_0106

My food, like always, was all over the place today. Breakfast, weirdly enough, was veggies with Oikos greek yogurt dip and 1/4 cup of 0% cottage cheese with a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon. I picked at things like rice crackers with sunflower seed butter and nuts and kale chips all day… and then made an awesome dinner!

For dinner, (the ugly looking food pictured in the bottom right of the picture above) I had spiralized squash “noodles” with some zucchini (which is also a squash), spinach, chicken, and tomato sauce. So much squash! See? Told you the title would eventually make sense! I topped the whole thing with nooch and it was SO yummy!

As far as my workouts, today was a rest day from the Asylum, so I headed to the gym and did an easy thirty minutes with a 5 minute walking cool down and covered 3.62 miles. Later, I did the new total body workout that Tone I t Up posted. I originally wasn’t going to do it, since my body is so tired from Insanity, but I felt so gross and I was excited for a new workout. It was a great workout! I loved it and will definitely feel it tomorrow… which kinda worries me given that tomorrow’s Insanity workout is… well… Insanity…

On that note, I guess it is time for bed. I have to get my brother up for school again tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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