Weekend in Recap

Hey everyone!

I had a really good weekend… one of the best ones that I have had in a while really. Yes, I know that it is Tuesday so it’s kind of weird to be doing a post about the weekend… But I’m going to pretend that Monday was part of the weekend!

My mom went away for the weekend (she went up to a spa with her friends to celebrate her birthday and also her friend’s 5 year anniversary of being cancer free) so my brother and I went to stay with my grandparents. I guess it’s kind of weird that I am a college student yet I still need to stay with someone when my mom goes away, but staying with my grandparents is one of my favorite things! It was my second weekend in a row staying with them and it was just oh so wonderful.


This is what typical mornings look like at my grandparents’ house! Egg whites, coffee, and a good book. I am currently reading Wasted by Marya Hornbacher, a book I have wanted to read for years. It is a memoir about her life living with anorexia and bulemia. So far I am absolutely loving it, it shows a different side of eating disorders besides the falsities that are often portrayed in the media and society in general. I need to make more time to read when I get back to school. I love it so much.

Another wonderful thing about staying with my grandparents is that I get to sleep in my mother’s old bedroom. It still has a couple of her things, including a teddy bear that my dad gave to her.


I love cuddling up with this thing when I sleep. I always seem to sleep better (and actually sleep through the night) when I am at my grandparents’ house. I don’t really know what it is, my anxiety just doesn’t seem to be as bad there. It’s like the house is surrounded by a little bubble of safeness.

On Saturday, I went to a concert! Quick fact about me, music is probably what I love most on this planet (besides my family of course). Even above running, I have never felt the same love and passion for anything that I feel with music. My best friend and I traveled into the city to see the Glamor Kills Holiday Show at The Studio at Webster Hall. Now let me just say that there really is nothing like New York City at night, it was about a 25 minute walk from Penn Station to the concert venue and it was just so pretty!


(The opening bands were a little bit different because the date had to be changed due to weather. Misser and Elder Brothers weren’t there)

I had never been to this venue before and it definitely was not what I expected. It was basically a teeny tiny basement! We were all jam packed together, yet it was also kind of awesome because we were so close to the stage. I actually wound up right up at the stage for Hit The Lights (GO CHECK THEM OUT! THEY ROCK!) and I got to jump up and down and sing and got to help hold up the lead singer when he crowd surfed. They played a whole record from start to finish and just oh my goodness it was such a great night. I also really love State Champs, and they were also so good.


Oh, and at the very end of the concert I caught one of the drummer’s drum sticks… One of the highlights of my life night I must say. My friend and I had an absolutely amazing time and we left the concert dehydrated, drenched in sweat, exhausted, and as happy as physically possible.

We headed back to Penn station at a little after midnight and were completely mesmerized by the unique world that is NYC on a Saturday night… I swear, it will never get old to me.

It was also super foggy so the buildings looked super spooky and cool!


Yesterday, I got to wish a happy birthday to the most amazing woman in the world.

My mom.

She is honestly just the strongest, and most amazing person that I know. She deals with me and my problems, I know that that isn’t easy. She single handedly takes care of my family. She is so funny and kind and empathetic and I know that I am going to be one of those people that grows up and pretty much becomes their mother… And honestly, I think that growing up to be life her would be one of the greatest gifts that could be given to me. I am so thankful that she is my mom.

For her birthday, we went out to eat up the block from us with my brother and my grandparents.

I had a roasted beet salad with candied walnuts and shrimp.


It was pretty good, I didn’t love how the shrimp were cooked though.

We then went home and invited my cousin, her husband, and their baby over for cake.


I made my mom a chocolate layer cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache frosting (recipe here), and let me just tell you that my blood, sweat, and tears went into the making of this cake.  Seriously, everything that could possibly go wrong with this cake went wrong. It completely fell apart, I burned the ganache on the first try… Oh boy was it a mess… But somehow I managed to mush it together into something that looked mildly presentable!!


Plus, the taste got rave reviews and a “TANKEW ENN(my name in baby talk)!” from my 1 1/2 year old cousin… So I guess that makes it a winner.


I hope you all had a terrific Tuesday!



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