Jam Packed

I’ve been so busy with school work, but at the same time, a lot has happened. So, I’m going to try to jam as many things into this post as possible without making this too long.

My classes have been going well so far, I am taking a lot of health and fitness oriented class (biokinetics and intro to exercise science and sports studies) as well as a writing class and then *queue dramatic music* … anatomy. Yeah, I have only had 3 anatomy classes and I am already completely lost. My teacher moves so fast and right now we’re doing chemistry stuff like glycolysis and mitosis… Pray for my guys!

Last weekend, I did something way out of my comfort zone… I went out on a Friday night…


Ok, so I know that apparently every single college student on the planet goes out every single weekend (at least at my school that is the case) but it really isn’t my thing. I don’t drink, I have no interest in it. Being around a lot of people really freaks me out, and pathetically enough, I’m just too upset with my appearance to put myself out there in a club setting. Not to mention that the idea of being out until 3 in the morning kind of sounds like my worst nightmare…

Wow… am I 18 or 180?

Anyway, last Friday, I finally got myself to go out with my new roommates and two of my friends and we headed on out to a club that I had actually been wanting to go to for a while, The Dallas Bull !


(excuse the poor quality picture… even though all of my pictures on this blog are low quality… whoops…)

The Dallas Bull is what it looks like, a country club. There is no house music playing, nor is the a multitude of half-naked young adults bumping and grinding on you dance floor. There were people our age, and there were people who had at least 30 years on my friends and me. People at the Dallas Bull line dancing, something that, being from New York, was completely foreign to me.

Basically, what we had to do was wait for a song with a simple-ish looking dance and try to follow along. I had so much fun just dancing and making a fool of myself with my friends and I am so happy that I forced myself to go out of my comfort zone and try something new.

The next day (Saturday) was this crazy festival known as Gasparilla.

In a nutshell, “pirates,” invade the city and all the college kids start drinking at 10am and try to get as obliterated as physically possible whilst collecting beads.

Once again, not my thing. I think that I could have had a lot of fun at Gasparilla. People dressed as pirates? A parade? An entire city closed down for one festival? That’s pretty cool!

Instead, my friend and I went to Sea World… she has a season pass and they were doing a promotion where she could bring a guest for free… I am not one to turn down free things.

Hashtag broke college student life.

And now for an excessive amount of Sea World pictures…

IMG_0435 IMG_0440 IMG_0458 IMG_0464 IMG_0465





It has only been a week and a half, but this semester is already 10 million times busier than last semester was. On my very first of of class, I was assigned a 5 page paper in my exercise science and sports studies class. I worked all week on the paper, then realized that I did it wrong… So I had to start all over. ‘Twas not fun. But I have to say, with the exception of anatomy, I am really enjoying my classes so far. I really do love health and fitness and knowing how the body works and I would love to help people find a passion for fitness and I would love to help people feel good about themselves and to learn to love themselves. Unfortunately, with the whole transferring colleges thing, the likelihood that I will be changing majors is very high.

I know I say this in almost every post… but I have no idea what I am doing with my life. I have big dreams, huge goals, and very unconventional ones at that. I wish more than anything that I could live more than one life, I have so many different things that I am passionate about and I hate having to choose.

I think that is one of the things that I really do love about blogging (Umm.. Erin? If you loved blogging so much, wouldn’t you do it every day instead of going days at a time without posting? Shut up inner voice. I have been busy.), it allows you to express all of your interests, I can decorate my blog to fit my personality, I can post about health and fitness and what I am learning about those topics here at school, but I can also be creative and post about other things that I am interested in. Wow, I am getting excited about this whole blogging thing now.

I want to create, that is all I want to do. I want to touch people’s hearts and make them feel something. I love music, I love writing, I love fitness. What do all of those things have in common? They have the ability to illicit real emotion within people… and that is all that I have ever known for certain that I want to do with my life.

Ugh, I’m sorry that my posts always just randomly and suddenly get super deep and serious.


What are you passionate about in life? Whether it been a certain career or just a hobby.

What do you want to be when you grow up (this can be answered no matter how old you are… you’re never too old to dream!).


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