Wave Rider 17s and Lots of Bread

I’m a bit… overwhelmed. Actually, overwhelmed doesn’t even describe it. But I’ll get to that later.

I started today off bright and early with a career services presentation, followed by a super exciting anatomy test…


A 90 on my first anatomy test? Not too shabby considering that I thought I failed.

Followed class up by grabbing lunch from the caf.



Excessive amounts of broccoli with honey mustard… Surprised? They also had some sort of asian edamame salad in the cafeteria today too! So yummy!

Then… a little package arrived for me at the post office.

It kinda-sorta made my day.



*queue the angelic chorus* MY NEW MIZUNO WAVE RIDER 17s CAME!

I’ve been in desperate need of new trainers for probably a month now, my mileage on them has to be up towards 400 at this point… yeah I know… not ideal.

Honestly, I’ve been putting off getting new trainers because 1. I’m a broke college student, and 2. I’ve been very hesitant about buying the new 17s due to the less than positive reviews that it received on the website. A lot of people were saying that they were disappointed in the new shoe and wished that they had gotten the previous model instead.

I finally sucked it up and bought the 17s, and I have to say, I really like them so far!



The good :

  1. I actually like their appearance a lot more than I thought I would. The little pink accents on the shoe makes me happy.
  2. They’re A LOT more lightweight than the 16s, which I found to be a bit heavy for speed work.
  3. While being lightweight, they still offer the stellar support that I have come to expect from Mizuno trainers.

The bad:

  1. Not many color options (yeah kind of a dumb con)
  2. My arches hurt a bit during my run… but that could just be my foot. I’ve had arch problems on that foot for a while anyway.


I covered a (super boring) 4 miles on the treadmill with a 5 minute walking cool down.



My running pace varied between an 8:20 mile and an 8:36 mile.

Now it’s time to talk about bread…

Panera Bread that is.



Yup, this is the place that I will now be spending 25 hours a week at! 

Yesterday, I had a 5 hour course called Planet Bread, which is basically an intro to Panera Bread, and 4 hours of history. Fun fact: Did you know that Panera was originally The St. Louis Bread Company? The name was changed to Panera when the stores began opening outside of Missouri, the name Panera comes from Pan – planet, and Era – time. Get it? Bread Time! Bread time is all the time at Panera!

I start working in the store on Friday, then I’m working all weekend. So nervous and overwhelmed…

But also excited!

Now it’s time to sleep, I have a morning workout in Biokinetics class tomorrow. Good night!


What was your first job?

What is your favorite brand of running shoe? Why?


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