Overwhelmed and National FroYo Day!

Yeah… So, I haven’t exactly had the best couple of days so I’m not exactly sure where this post is  going. I apologize in advanced!

I’m just so overwhelmed with everything. My workload is huge, I need to spend 5 hours at least in the library a week (mandatory thing), I am working 25 hours a week, I lost my key today while I was running (it fell out of the key slot on my arm band!) so now that is going to cost me 145 dollars… So my entire first month of paychecks is going toward sorority fees and a new key, there is a lot going on back at home that I really need to be there for, and I’m just feeling terrible about myself. I really just don’t know how to handle this.

I also can’t sleep because of stress and early classes/work.

On the up side, my run was pretty… even though it wound up costing me 200 dollars.

IMG_0642 IMG_0645 IMG_0646


I love dreary days.

It also happened to be national frozen yogurt day! And it was definitely a day that required emotional froyo eating…



Chocolate covered waffle cone bits are the absolute best.

Sorry for how short this post it, gotta be up for work tomorrow. Good night!


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