For The First Time In Forever…



Haha just kidding… But please tell me that you guys are as obsessed with Frozen as I am…

But really, I did do something recently that I haven’t done in God knows how long.

I. Took. A. Rest Day.

Try not to pass out from shock… (I think I’m a lot funnier than I am)

But in all seriousness, I haven’t taken a full-on rest day in years. I know that I am supposed to take at least one day off a week. I know that it is unhealthy to never let your body rest… I just can’t do it. I’m still feeling guilty about not working out on Saturday. 

It was a crazy weekend, I started work and was there a total of 20 hours over the weekend. I also had chapter for my sorority, along with school work. I had full-on meltdowns two days in a row about how busy I am and how I can’t handle it. I then proceeded to break down even more over the fact that I felt pathetic for not being able to handle it all. 

Saturday night, I didn’t get back to school until almost 10. I had been on my feet and running around all day at work with no break, and had also walked the 1.7 miles that it takes to get to work, and then home. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I just really wasn’t feeling a run and the gym was already closed. My roommates were supposed to go out to a club at 11, so I just decided that I would do Insanity in my room once they left… Well guess what? One of them didn’t wind up leaving until 1 in the morning… And i had to be up early the next morning. Normally, I would compromise sleep in favor of getting a workout in. But somehow, I managed to silence the crazy, compulsive exerciser Erin inside of me and made myself go to sleep instead.

The result? I feel bigger… But logically I know that I am not.

And I got in a darn good workout today!




(stair master portion not pictured)

followed by this extreme burner


You know what? In a few months, I probably won’t even remember that day that I didn’t do. Sometimes, it is important to remind yourself why you workout. Do I want to lose weight? Heck yes I do! But working out is also a part of who I am. It calms me down when I am feeling anxious, it lifts me when I am feeling down. I exercise because I love it. I need to remember that on days where I treat exercise as a punishment for eating more than I would like to.

The ability to exercise is a gift. I am so lucky to have working legs and lungs and a healthy heart. I need to remember that.


Do you take rest days? How often?

Why do you workout?



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