Tangents on Tuesday

Well hello there everyone! Happy Tuesday!

First off, I have a question. Does anyone else feel like Tuesdays are kinda-sorta pointless? I mean, think about it. Mondays are… well… Mondays. They start the week and quite frankly, they kind of suck. Wednesday is HUMP DAAAYYY (read in the voice of the Hump Day Camel). Thursday is almost Friday! Friday is the end of the week. Saturday is FINALLY the weekend, and Sunday is the day to rest before starting the whole process over again. Please explain why Tuesday exists, besides the fact that The Biggest Loser is on Tuesdays.

Well, now that that tangent is over, onto more pressing matters.

I am absolutely in love with my Writing and Inquiry class. It is an academic writing class (not really exciting for me), but I am taking it with the professor that I had for creative writing last semester and she is probably one of the raddest people ever. The theme of our class for this semester is television. We have been watching this PBS series and then writing about our feeling about each topic from an academic standpoint. 

Today our topic was… Wait for it.


Yup. You guessed it, one of the most talked about television moments of the year.

Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance.

Now let me just say, we need to write a paper about this and I couldn’t be more excited. I have a lot to say about how I feel about her performance and the reaction that it got. One of them being how Miley got so much criticism for what she did, while Robin Thicke got away scott-free, even though he is a married man singing about rape culture and allowing a much younger woman grind on him and grab his personal bits. Just saying…

But I won’t bore you with all that.

After class, it was time for lunch.


Yup. The broccoli dipped in honey mustard obsession is still going strong. Also that stuff in the upper left hand compartment is some type of quinoa salad and it was awesome. 

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do for my workout today. My legs felt/feel absolutely dead, I’m not even sure why. I did two days of speed work in a row, but I haven’t done a legs workout in a few days! Yesterday was arms and abs. Regardless, I was feeling sore and stiff. Part of me wanted to go for a shake out run, but then I also really didn’t. This entire mental struggle over deciding what to do as my workout today took place at around 3:30, so when I saw that there was a spinning class in the gym at 4, I decided to go for it. I hadn’t done spin in FOREVER, and I really have missed it.



Unfortunately, and and I really feel bad saying this, this was probably one of the worst spin classes that I have attended. It was just…. boring. The entire class was a series of hills, and every single hill was the same. “Sit in the saddle, stand up into position 2, then once the beat drops, move to position 3. Sit back down and take off the Resistance. Now repeat.” It was just dull, and dull is not something that you expect in a class that revolves around awesome music and intense exercise. There were no sprints, no jumps, no rolling hills. Did I get a good workout in? Yes. But I just left kind of disappointed. 

On the upside, Tone It Up released their new leg workout today!


I am SO excited for this! I am planning on either heading over to the gym again later tonight, or doing it tomorrow along with a run!

With that being said, I am now off to go write a paper about Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMA’s. Until tomorrow!



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