Hi friends. I’m making myself sit down and actually write a blog post because I have felt too overwhelmed to do so lately. I don’t know, between school, work, the sorority, and things happening both in my personal life and back home, I just haven’t felt up to doing… well… anything. Even things that I love such as blogging/writing. But I’m sitting myself down right now with the small window of time that I have before chapter to sip some coffee and write, and I am already calmer.

First thing’s first, I hope you all had a terrific Valentine’s Day, regardless if you had a significant other to share it with or not! I had work from 7-4 on V-Day so I sold lots of heart cookies to happy couples. The highlight of my day was getting a Valentine’s Day card from my mom and a letter from my best friend.



The rest of my night was spent watching Sex and the City with my friend before passing out. I know, quite the exciting day.

Side Note: I would love nothing more than to be Carrie Bradshaw and live in an apartment in New York City and write books and magazine articles for a living… That’s the dream.



It wouldn’t need to be as extravagant as hers… Just a little studio apartment in Manhattan. Just thinking about it makes my heart race.

Yesterday, I finally had a day where I had nothing on my schedule besides catching up on both my sleep and my school work. I finally finished up my essay about Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the VMAs (which basically turned into a piece about girl power and Hollywood’s double-standards regarding females embracing their sexualities), so here’s hoping that it gets positive feedback from my peer group! The way the class works is that we are put into workshop groups with other classmates and we read each others pieces and critique each paper. I have a good feeling about my paper, I am pretty proud of it! My main concern is that the tone may be too conversational.

Here’s a little excerpt from it… Because I’m sure you care so much about my college writing class paper.

“So why is Miley under such fire? Is her prancing around practically naked degrading women? Or is it empowering them? Miley’s performance was different in the sense that she was not simply prancing around her male counterpart on stage like a pretty little thing meant to be enjoyed. She was weird and raunchy and made less than beautiful faces with that tongue of hers, and she dominated the attention. She said, “I know you want it,” to Thicke, instead of it going the other way around. She was the dominant one.

Miley, when interviewed by BBC Radio, said, “I feel like I am one of the biggest feminists.” (BBC News). While this may be a slight overstatement, she definitely does have her mind in the right place. She said that she is, “for anybody and anything.” (BBC News). She wants people to feel like they can completely be themselves and do what they want to without worrying about being judged. She says that she tells women to not be afraid of anything, so why are we condemning this young woman as nothing more than a whore with a foam finger?”

Reading it back now, I realize that it really is not a great essay… But it’s just a pre-write! We shall see what comes next.

Yesterday, I also tried a new treadmill workout that I found on the Runner’s World website.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.53.11 PM + 5 min warm up and cool-down

It was A LOT harder than I expected… I started off trying to take the hills at the same pace that I would run on a casual, steady-state run outside… Yeah.. By the third round of hills that was not possible. I wound up having to take most of them at around a 9 minute mile. I definitely need to start incorporating more incline work on the treadmill to build up my strength.


Followed up with the newest Tone It Up leg workout.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 2.09.56 PM

After that was dinner and more Sex and the City…


I was really feeling down yesterday so my mom sent me a whole bunch of pictures of us. I miss her so much. I don’t care how pathetic and immature it sounds, I really can’t handle being thousands of miles away from my mom.


Isn’t she beautiful? She is even more so in person!

Now, I am off to run and to get some more work done. Until next time!

Pyramid Runs and Miley Cyrus


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