“Because you are ours.”

Hey everyone, I just got back from a nice day and a half with my grandparents.


It was actually quite the impromptu little getaway. My grandparents only just got down to their condo late Friday night. Early this year, the beginning of the school year actually, their condo got flooded and completely destroyed. Everything from the walls to the floor had to be ripped out, it was really bad. The condo just finished being rebuilt, but it is still completely empty in the sense that there is no furniture. There is only a washer/dryer, sink, dishwasher, fridge, and those types of things. I really wanted to get off campus and see them as son as physically possible, but I figured that they would want some time to settle in.

I was wrong.

While I was out for a run, I got a call from my gramma (I always answer her calls no matter what just in case something bad happens) telling me that they were on their way to pick me up… So I had to run back to my dorm, shower, shove some salad in my face, pack, and run out the door. It was quite the whirlwind.

Seeing my grandparents was, as always, amazing. I love them so much and I am so grateful to have them in my life. It was super weird seeing their condo so different and empty. Their condo has been my happy place, my safe place, since I was a newborn. I can close my eyes and tell you exactly where everything is… was.  It was just strange.

Most of the day was spent going through boxes of all that was salvageable after the flood.IMG_0995-2

Lots of pots, pans, and utensils! We still have so much more to unpack!

Next, I made dinner for my grandparents. Gosh I miss cooking so much.


Super basic, yet yummy dinner of balsamic marinated chicken breast with lemon pepper, baked sweet potato and salad (with fat free croutons for gram 😉 ). Our dressing of choice was lite honey dijon vinaigrette. IMG_0950


And my plate, I got more sweet potato and salad!

This morning started off with a super slow 7 mile run. My legs were still absolutely dead, they felt like straight up lead. Still a beautiful start to the day though! Tomorrow I’ll take it easy!

IMG_0967 IMG_0973

My favorite type of weather, grey and dreary but not cold.



I got a little sweaty… On a side note, I absolutely love this VSX tank top! I normally don’t get their workout gear due to the fact that everything is a billion dollars, but this is so soft and light! Great for hot weather when you aren’t ok enough with your body to run in a sports bra. I have it in grey as well.

Showered and got myself some tasty breakfast.



Never take having access to fresh fruit, spinach, and egg whites for granted my friends. I get way too excited about this breakfast.

Next we headed off to mass (I love staying with my grandparents because I actually get to mass on Sundays) and after we got some more errands done. The hunt for a kitchen table is on! Right now we are sitting at their tiny little table from outside… Doesn’t work all that well.


Pardon how horrifying I look… Grandpa insisted on taking a picture.. But see how crowded that little table is! We are also currently using lawn chairs, not the best for my grandparents’ backs.

IMG_0982 IMG_0984 IMG_0985


All good days of errands end in Starbucks. My grandparents know the way to my heart.

I also got to do another one of my favorite things today.



Sitting outside with some veggies and a good book! There’s no furniture outside so I just put down a towel over the concrete.

Unfortunately, I have class tomorrow so I had to go back to campus =(. We ended our night with a stop at Cracker Barrel (best. biscuits. ever) for dinner before heading back to Hell.. erm…I mean… school (ok I’m being dramatic, it’s not THAT bad).

IMG_0991 IMG_0992


Bye for now!



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