Biokinetics and Music Monday #1

Hey there! I have another new segment that I want to start doing on this blog to make it a little more, well, “me.” Music is another one of those things that I am extremely passionate about, perhaps more so than anything else that I mention on this blog. Unfortunately, I am not talented enough to pursue it professionally (fun fact: my ultimate dream would be to be the lead singer of a post-hardcore band), but I still love it more than anything, and I would love to share that love with you guys!

This segment is less of a full-on post, it’s more of just a little list of the music I’m currently loving that will go along with my normal post every Monday. I think that the music that a person loves really says a lot about them, especially if they are super passionate about their particular favorite genre of music.

But first I want to tell you guys about my class this morning!

Every Monday and Wednesday, at 8:30am, I have a class called Biokinetics and Conditioning. I’m pretty sure that I have spoken about this class here before, but just to review, it’s a class about how the body moves (biokinetics) as well as putting what we learn into action through workouts (the conditioning). Today was a workout day!

Today’s workout focused on muscular endurance as well as flexibility. It looked a little something like this…



The workouts that we do in biokinetics are tough, but not obscenely so. I think that they would be great for people who are just getting into working out! The whole thing probably spanned around 30 minutes (if I were to guess… I didn’t time it).

For the flexibility portion, we did partner stretching.. thank God my friend, Maya, is in that class with me… If I had to pair up with a stranger it would have been a tad awkward.

1. Hamstring stretch – lying on your back with one leg flat on the floor(!), lift the other leg straight up in the air with your partner holding your heel. Push against your partners with your foot while they push back, push for 5 seconds, release, and have your partner deepen the stretch by moving your leg slightly back, push again for 5 seconds, repeat the deepening the stretch and pushing process 4 times. Switch legs.

2. Quadricep stretch – get in a runner’s lunge position with your back heel in your partner’s hand, they will lift it off the ground towards your backside. Do the pushing-relaxing-deepening the stretch process from the first stretch with your heel this time, trying to get it as close to your bum as possible. Repeat 4 times and switch legs.

3. Shoulder stretch – sitting on your bum, lift your arms in a “goal-post” like way. Your partner will put his/her hands on the front of  your biceps and pull back. Hold for 30 seconds.

We finished the stretching off with some basic calf and tricep stretches.

So now, on to the music that I have been loving this week!

  1. Brand New (Band)

Unknown Unknown

Brand New is one of those bands that I have loved for a while now, but that I sometimes forget just how amazing they are. This past week I have been listening to these two albums, The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me and Daisy, non-stop. They are just so haunting and … I can’t even explain it. The song that I have listened to the most would definitely be Degausser (from the first album). So. Good.

  1. Chiodos’ (band) two new singles!

Again, I have loved this band for forever… probably since 7th grade. Their lead singer Craig Owens is one of my favorite people on the planet and i had the opportunity to see them perform live at Warped Tour last year.

IMG_9530  crummy photo I took there.

They are coming out with a new album (the first one since Craig re-joined Chiodos last year) in March and they currently have 2 singles from it titled “‘Ol Fishlips is Dead Now,” and “Why The Munsters Matter,” They are both amazing and I can’t even begin to describe how excited for this album I am.


And now I am off to go study for this MASSIVE anatomy test that I have tomorrow… Prayers for my passing this exam would be greatly appreciated. It’s on the entire muscular and skeletal systems… a lot of information. Oh boy…



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