Hello there!

Yesterday, I probably made one of the dumbest decisions ever in regards to my run.



I tried to capture how windy it was by taking a picture of the trees… but it didn’t really work…

Basically, it was the windiest weather I have ever experienced yesterday. I was one of the 4 people on the usually packed Bayshore Boulevard (where I run) running yesterday, if that’s not proof that the weather is bad, I don’t know what else is. It was that kind of wind where you feel like you’re running so hard, but you feel like you’re not going anywhere. I probably kept a 9 min/mile pace yesterday but I was working so hard! Us runners are pretty crazy, rain or shine we’re out there! I think that’s actually one of the things about running, or runners, that makes me so happy… We love what we do so much that nomatter what the weather, you will ALWAYS see someone out running. It could be 100 degrees (I can’t run in that, but power to ya) or -100 degrees, a hurricane (I have run in one of those before, 0/10.. do not recommend), whatever, you will always see someone out running because they love it that much.



Another example of how windy it was. These poor seagulls were trying to fly against the wind and they weren’t going anywhere… every so often, they would give up and be pushed backwards. Silly seagulls, why not just fly into the wind?



Despite the wind, my run yesterday was awesome! I covered just over 5 miles, 3 against the wind, and 2 into the wind (so awesome). I know that I probably say this all the time, but I really love warm yet dreary and gray days. They just make me so happy. The city looked so cool! Also, props to me for taking a non-blurry picture while running!



Sorry for all the pictures, just kind of obsessed with how cool they all look and with how dark the clouds and water were!

Today, my classes were cancelled for some reason! I’m not complaining… just wish that I would have known last night so I would have gotten more than 5 hours of sleep.

So far the highlight of my day has been that they HAD FLIPPING STRAWBERRIES IN THE CAFETERIA TODAY!


If you are a college student, you will understand my extreme excitement over having access to fresh fruit. Also, corn is really really good on salad.


And for a final note, I’m having a really hard time body-image wise today (actually… I always am) so I couldn’t leave the room in this outfit because I felt too awful about myself and my legs to be specific… But this outfit is probably my favorite thing ever. Pearl Jam shirt, camo jacket, leggings, and Doc Martens.

Sorry for how jumbled this was… super tired. Talk to you guys tomorrow!


Us Runners are Crazy and A Jumble of Thoughts


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