Family is Everything

Hi guys, once again I have been MIA. I have been home for the last couple of days for spring break, and quite frankly, I kind of forgot about blogging… Not that anything all that interesting has really happened.

I arrived back in the wonderful state of New York Thursday night.



There are really no words that can properly describe how happy I am to be home. I really needed this break from school and from well… life in general. While this semester has been considerably better than last (I can actually sleep in my own room this semester!), I really haven’t been doing well emotionally. I have had more panic attacks than I have ever had in my lifetime in a short period of time and I have jus honestly been crying a lot and all of that super pathetic stuff. I don’t know… I think that last semester, I was just basically in a constant state of emotional numbness. I’m really a hyper-emotional person. I cry really easily and I just don’t exactly have the best coping mechanisms. That’s why it was so weird last semester when I just didn’t care about anything. I mean, I cared… but not to the extent that I normally do. I just didn’t feel. And now I think that this semester all of it is just flooding back to me and I am really having a hard time coping with everything. I needed this time off. I need to focus on healing myself mentally and physically. 



Mother-daughter yoga session after my flight

I have a lot of things that I need to do. Lose weight. Get a job. Get good grades. 

And then a lot of things that I want to do. Learn to accept myself. Be more positive. Accomplish my dreams.

I just need to get my head on straight.

Being home has been really nice, albeit uneventful, so far. I get to take baths and cook things and sleep in a real bed. It’s super nice.



This oatmeal has been my current obsession. 1/4 cup of oats + 1tbs cocoa powder + 1 packet of stevia + vanilla extract + a splash of mint extract = minty, chocolaty deliciousness!

Green juices have also been making a reappearance



kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, grapes, cilantro, ginger, lemon, and aloe vera

And morning workouts! It’s great to not have to work around when the studio in the gym is open to strength train! This morning, I did the Fine Toning routine from the Tone It Up DVD. I wanted a short workout since I’m still super sore from doing Insanity Max Interval Sports training along with this workout on Friday.

Yesterday’s workout was just a super easy 5 mile run. I was so sore that the fact that I was even able to walk was a shocker.




Now I have some paleo banana bread in the oven! Until tomorrow my friends!


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