Remember that workout rut that I was talking about yesterday? Yeah, it’s still going strong.

That being said, I have gotten in slightly alright workouts the past couple of days!

Yesterday, I headed off to the gym to do the new interval workout that the Tone It Up girls posted for spring!


I really enjoyed this workout, even though I was feeling kind of blah during it. I liked that it includes some medium paced running in it along with periods of sprinting and resting, especially since I wasn’t really feeling up to going all out (I tried though!). Interval workouts are also great, in my opinion, when you are in a workout rut, they’re quick, dirty, and the constant change of pace keeps you entertained.


A little over 3.5 miles accomplished.

Life really isn’t exciting lately, it’s hard to find things to blog about. I have been trying to do the things that I love, but most of the things I love are pretty lame and boring, to be completely honest… I have been working on the book I’m writing (I have zero attention span so it’s hard to make myself sit down and write) and I’m actually making some good progress on it! My issue always lies in the beginnings of stories… I am so excited to get to the good parts (i.e. the end) that it is hard for me to write introductions. There are only so many ways that you can introduce characters without it sounding stiff and boring… I really can’t wait to take some fiction classes within the next four years!

Today was mostly spent in class (I had to give an oral presentation on Disney Channel and the body image messages that it is sending to young girls… I almost passed out), writing, and working out. The studio at the gym was actually open for me to do some strength training today! Huzzah!

I did about 30 minutes of arms and abs, followed by 40 minutes of my favorite elliptical interval workout. There is only one good elliptical in our school gym, so whenever I want an easy/rest day workout and it’s available, I jump on the opportunity to grab it.


(I also did .33 miles on another elliptical prior to being able to grab the good one).

That’s really it for today… I’m headed to my grandparents’ house for the weekend tomorrow and there are no words that can adequately describe how excited I am!

Until tomorrow my friends!


My Life Is So Uneventful…


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