Balls and Etiquette and Comfort Zones

So this weekend, I did something a little bit different.

I went to a ball (!)

A couple of weeks ago, a friend from high school who goes to school on the other coast of Florida contacted me. She is in ROTC at her school, and each year, the battalion that she is in (I believe that all of them do this, but I’m not certain), hosts a military ball, and her friend needed a date. Now, my first reaction to her question was to make up some BS excuse as to why I couldn’t go (just thinking about staying at a different school with people that I don’t know and no way of leaving makes me want to hide), but after thinking about it, I decided that I really need to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone more often.

Now, one of my biggest flaws is my anxiety. I am terrible at pushing myself out of my comfort zone, whether it be in running, or in life in general. I know where I am comfortable, and that usually means my isolating myself in hopes of keeping my anxiety at a minimum. When it comes to running, I always push myself during my speed work… But at the same time, I always tell myself that I am not good enough to get any faster, and I truly believe that this impedes my reaching my full potential.

So back to the ball…

I sucked it up and agreed to accompany my friends friend to this ball… Yikes.

So on Friday, my friend picked me up and we headed across Florida to Daytona for the weekend.


I honestly loved her school. It was so much nicer than mine in every aspect. It was small, everyone was friendly (a kid played his guitar for me, and put my name into “Stand By Me”), it was quiet, the town was adorable.. Oh, I could go on for forever.

Anyway, I was freaking out about absolutely everything while I was there. I was anxious about every single thing that was happening: having to wear a dress (my friend was in her uniform so I felt super awkward), not being able to run on Saturday (I know… God forbid I have a rest day… Gotta work on that),  being around new people (I had to be separated from my friend for a few hours and was alone with strangers).

Oh boy….

However, it wound up not being nearly as bad as I expected! In fact, I actually had a very nice night!

IMG_2619 IMG_2617

My cute friend in her uniform.


So proud of this girl.

I am so happy for my friend and for all that she has accomplished this past year. I was honestly amazing to be in a room full of people that have made the decision to dedicate themselves to protecting our country. I really admire them and all that they do, and will do in the future. Kind of made me think about what I am doing with my life… I really want to make a difference in the world. All of these people are enlisting in the army, but what am I doing to make a difference?

I guess I have a lot of thinking to do.

I am also so happy for my friend in regards to the group of friends that she has made. Everybody that I met was absolutely wonderful. I hope that someday, when I get to start over at a college that I am actually meant to be at, I meet a group of friends as lovely as hers.

IMG_2616 IMG_2630


And now, I am back at campus. After getting back, I got lunch and then headed to the gym to get in a quick workout. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I was super shaky and had a gnarly headache… So I decided that it would be best to stick to the elliptical!



(workout via Blogilates)

Love this workout for days when I am not really feeling it. It’s tough, but not too tough. Just enough of a challenge to feel good after but not burned out!

Later, I just got dinner with Shannon and then we watched Once Upon A Time. Does anyone else watch this show? I swear, it just gets more and more ridiculous… Yet I can’t stop watching! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Captain Hook isn’t all that bad to look at.



And now tomorrow we have a super rough workout in my Biokinetics class in the morning… which means that I should probably get to bed. Until tomorrow my friends!


5 thoughts on “Balls and Etiquette and Comfort Zones

  1. As I read about going to the ball all I could think was “omg anxiety overload!” So great to hear you had a good evening! A new life/running mantra to try “you are stronger than you think.”

    • Erin says:

      Hahaha thank you!! And that’s a great mantra! One of the things that my dad always used to say was actually, “you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” It’s from Winnie the Pooh haha!

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