Friday Favorites

Hey all! I’m very excited to say that I am currently writing this post from MY HOME!!


I’m only home for a day unfortunately… The only reason that I am actually home is because my cousin is getting married tonight (yes, I do think it is a bit odd that he is getting married on Good Friday… but oh well), so I fly back tomorrow morning. But it was super nice to get to spend a night in my own bed, and I also got to do Insanity today! So that was super nice. I am seriously counting down the days until I get to go home for good. My college is not good for me, I am not myself there, and it certainly does not bring out the best in me. I feel unmotivated, tired, and heavy every single day. My diet isn’t good there either… soo many artificial sweeteners (something I almost never consumed when I am home) so I am sure that my diet is definitely contributing to my general fatigue. But at the same time, I know that it is also my school that is wearing me down. I feel great on the weekends when I am with my grandparents, but the second I get back to my campus, I feel sick and unmotivated. Isn’t it crazy how much your environment can affect your health? It’s wild.

But now, on to the actual point of this post…

My Friday favorites! Here are some things that  I have really been loving lately!

Favorite Clothing Item: Babydoll Dresses





Nasty Gal 

I always feel weird wearing a dress as just a casual every day clothing piece, but I really want to start wearing them more often! I love baby doll dresses because of how comfy, youthful, and versatile they are! You can dress them up with some heels or wedges, but you can also dress them down with simple sandals, jelly shoes (a new favorite of mine), or booties! I am actually planning on wearing the sunflower printed dress on Easter!

Favorite Decor: This Rustic Porch


Oh Pinterest… you fill me with the biggest home lust on the planet… Now I just need to graduate college and somehow land a well paying job… Gotta dream big right?

Favorite Television:


I was really wanting to watch something light (all of the shows I have been watching lately have been super heavy and gruesome) and this show just happened to show up on my Netflix. I am currently on season two and am LOVING IT! It’s a very interesting story and I just love the entire cast. Fred is probably my  favorite character.

Favorite Recipe: This Carrot Cake Roll from Crazy For Crust



Ugh, I CANNOT wait until I have access to a kitchen and can bake again. How good does this look? I am a sucker for all things carrot cake and with Easter a couple of days away, my carrot cake cravings are at an all time high.

Favorite Smile: The one on my brother’s face when I saw him last night.

It’s always nice to feel loved.

Oh, and my hair is purple now…


Off to go get ready for this wedding!


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