The 2014 Bikini Series Is Here!

Hey everyone! I am officially back at school until the end of the semester, and no, I am not happy about it.

This also meant that I needed to say goodbye to my favorite running spot in St. Pete’s. Until next year my dear (slightly sketchy) running trail.



Today was also a very special day… One of my favorite days of the year in fact!

Today was the first day of the 2014 Tone It Up Bikini Series!


I am more excited than usual (which is saying A LOT) for this particular series because *drum roll* MY FAMILY HAS AGREED TO DO IT WITH ME!

It has been a crazy year, and apparently healthy has fallen to the side back home (it also doesn’t help that I am not there to cook healthy meals for my brother, meaning that he eats less-than-healthy things), and after gushing to my mom about how absolutely amazing the bikini series is, she agreed that we should all do it together! This is also awesome because it will help me keep myself accountable! This is going to be the best bikini series yet, I can feel it.

Today, my workouts and eating weren’t exactly on par… I ran a slow (SLLOOOOWW) 4 miles towards my #150bysummer (is it acceptable to put hashtags in a blog post? Probably not…) and the gym by my grandparents was closed so I didn’t get to do the arm workout that I was supposed to do today, so I think I will just do it tomorrow instead!

Like I said, my eating wasn’t exactly on point, my grandparents have a lot of yummy food that I only get to eat the one week a year that I am at their condo so I just NEEDED some refined carbohydrates… Whoops =P

In all seriousness though, I can’t wait to be home and to be able to buy healthy food and to have access to a fridge and to cook.



One of my mail goals for this bikini series, besides the obvious losing weight and toning up, is to get rid of all of the artificial sweeteners that have been plaguing my diet since coming to college… diet drinks used to be an occasional treat for me, reserved for vacations and when I’m just really really craving one (not often); but since coming to college, they have been making a daily appearance in my diet (multiple times a day even) and it’s really awful. I don’t feel well because of them, yet I keep drinking them. It’s time to say goodbye.


I am SO ready for this!

Are you?



You can find out information about the bikini series/sign up here.

Also, you can track my progress on my instagram @snapbacksandracingflats and on twitter @snapsnflats.


You’ve got this beach babes 😉


Ever participated in the Tone It Up Bikini Series before? Are you planning on it this year?

Where is the sketchiest place that you’ve ever run?




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