Anatomy Is Evil

No, not actual like… human anatomy, because I guess that is pretty necessary for people to be, well, people. What I mean is the course of functional anatomy in which I have not one but TWO finals in tomorrow!

I have been studying for hours and yet I have learned nothing… Anyone else ever get like this when studying?

So that being said, this will obviously not be the most content-filled post. I have four finals tomorrow and I want to have any chance of even passing, I can’t afford to waste any time studying.

So I present to youuu *drumroll* Pictures from yesterday with a sentence for each. Oooo so exciting, I know. How would anyone ever sleep soundly without getting updated daily about my irrelevant life?

Started yesterday off with a 6 mile run on Bayshore. Started off a bit shaky (literally… I was all shaky and weird), but eventually it got better and I completed my miles sweaty and happy.

IMG_3773 IMG_3774

Such a pretty morning.


And I dumbly wore a long sleeved shirt…

I went back to my room, showered, ate (the usual Luna protein bar) and then got to go to my favorite place ever…


I will save you the excessive amount of animal pictures since I know that I literally just went there with my family last week… But Shannon had never been there and she loves manatees just as much as I do (favorite animals ever), and Lowry Park contains one of Florida’s manatee hospital facilities, so naturally we had to go there.


You need a selfie with a manatee in your life.


And you also need a picture of this cutie-pie.


Yay for best girl friends!


And of course, a girl’s day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of froyo. Man am I going to miss Yogurtology once I leave school.



Now back to go study the male reproductive system… Yay… So much fun.


Favorite. Meme. Ever.

Pray that I don’t completely bomb all of my finals tomorrow!


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