Hey everyone! Hope your day is going well.

Today has been one of those days where I just haven’t stopped movie, yet I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. I woke up this morning and promptly completed one of Fitness Blender’s, “HIIT It Like A Girl,” workouts. I am loving Fitness Blender lately, I have yet to find a workout by them that I don’t like. Plus, the tabata style keeps them from wearing me out too much and keeps things fast-paced and interesting.

After my workout and a quick breakfast, I drove out to the preserve to go meet up with my girlfriends for our Sunday run. Once again, we didn’t really do much running. We jogged one lap (a mile and a half), and walked the other. One of my friends who came today I hadn’t seen since last summer, so it was definitely awesome to catch up!

After our jog/walk, as always, we headed over to the yogurt shop for some post-workout froyo. For whatever reason, I didn’t snap a picture of my yogurt today… I’m sure you’re very torn up over this.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and cleaning. Once again, not the most eventful day on the planet!

The main reason that I had to get so much done today was because yesterday, instead of getting stuff done, I wound up at a Greek Festival!


My uncle was taking his daughters (my cousin) to this festival in his town and invited my mom, brother, and I to come alone. At first, I was just going to stay home… But I really am trying to be more social and stop locking myself up away from the world (haha… but really), and I’m really proud of myself for going! Yes, this sounds lame. But… I am taking baby steps towards become a fully functioning human being haha!

Admittedly, the festival was kind of lame. We arrived and within 5 minutes, my cousin and I were standing around trying to figure out what to do (there wasn’t really anything… unless you felt like paying a whopping 5 bucks to attempt to win a stuffed animal).

But then, we got glitter tattoos. Our days were instantly made!


Yes, that is a Pokemon glitter tattoo. Yes, I promise I’m actually 19… And yes, I am wearing Tetris leggings. As the oh-so-wise Avril Lavigne once said, “Here’s to never growing up.”

Ending this post on a fun-fact.

IMG_4325 IMG_4330

I may or may not have an obsession with roasted cauliflower and broccoli with sriracha.

Also, I may or may not need to start taking photos for my blog with something other than my phone.

Have a great night!


What is your favorite way to embrace your inner child?

What’s your current favorite thing to eat?




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