Tangents and Dietary Guilt


Started my morning with an easy 4 mile run and some banana ice-cream with carob, cocoa, spirulina, and mint… So basically, it’s just any morning haha. This was my first time using spirulina, I’m very excited to be adding this superfood to my daily diet!

IMG_4334 IMG_4336

Very good. Very good indeed.

Anyway, last night, while I was falling asleep, my mind was just wandering and I got to thinking about one this in particular.

Dietary guilt.

What I mean by this is the pressure that I both see an feel within the healthy living community to eat a certain diet/way.

I feel like there is a sort of “all or nothing” mentality that is enforced (mostly online) by this type of community.

If you choose to eat vegan sometimes, you HAVE TO BE VEGAN or you are just a poser.

If you want to be healthy, YOU MUST FOLLOW A paleo/gluten free/raw vegan/low fat vegan/alkaline/etc… type of diet. If you don’t… you are wrong.

Now, it may just me and and my obnoxious inclination to think way too much into things and to be way too hard on myself, but I feel like no matter what I do with my diet, it won’t be good enough.

This past year, I have really began to develop a longing for a deeper connection with the world around me. Honestly, I’m becoming one of those wannabe hippies. I wear my boho pants and my head chains and … well… it’s bad.

But in all seriousness, I really do love the world around me and I love nothing more than that feeling you get when it is just you and nature. There’s something about the magnificence of the earth around me that makes me feel so small. I want to be able to deeply appreciate all of the little beauties that the world has to offer without the distractions of technology and society.

So, where am I going with this?

I want to live as naturally as possible, so along with that desire, I feel as though I should go vegan. I feel guilty that I am not vegan.

At the same time, what would be the real reason that I would be going vegan?

I enjoy eating a plant-based diet as much as possible, but I also really love seafood and heck, frozen yogurt is my absolute favorite thing on the planet. I am really not willing to give those up… But I feel like I should.

And why is that? Because I  feel as though I will be judged or thought to be a, “poser,” because I am preaching about this super natural and balanced life that I want to live… But, I eat meat?

How dare I?

So this got me thinking, why is there all this pressure to eat a certain way? Why can’t you live a natural life without making sure that you fit into the mold that society seems to have created? I know the type of diet that is best for me. I want to live my life the way that I want to… No one should be made to feel guilty about the way that they choose to eat.

Diet and lifestyle do not always go completely hand and hand… And they also are not black and white.

Sorry for the rant, just some food for thought. Also, my laptop is not typing properly (the cursor is moving without my even touching it… ugh), so I apologize if this whole thing is super incoherent.

Have a nice monday!



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