Monday Minutes

Hey all.

Today was another day full of getting things done for this upcoming school year. I seriously can’t believe how much goes into transferring colleges! I expected it to be a lot easier than this.

This morning started with Fitness Blender‘s “When I Say Jump Workout” before taking my brother to school.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.59.23 PM

After taking him to school, I had to rush to make a train into the city to take care of some things for school. I also had to take the subway for the first time by myself. EEK!

It actually went pretty smoothly. It took me a while just to navigate my school itself (the amount of people who asked me if I was lost is embarrassing), but eventually I found the Health Office where I had to turn in my immunization forms and now I am finally cleared to register for classes!



Also, apparently cupcake ATMs are a thing.


HOW COOL IS THIS THING? I kind of really wanted to try it out, and I don’t even like cupcakes!

Alas, I did not try out the fancy cupcake ATM… Perhaps another time.

I wound up getting lost on my way back to the train station (I walked all the way there from school which wasn’t my best idea), and only just made my train. I had planned on doing a little shopping around and exploring while in the city, but that didn’t wind up happening. Guess that’s better for my wallet though!

I did, however, find an awesome and new-to-me snack for the train ride home!


This stuff is really really crunchy and is actually really good as long as you don’t mind the taste of spirulina (the other flavors mask it, but since it’s so strong you still taste it). I don’t really like that one of the ingredients is sugar but hey, it’s not too shabby for a snack I picked up from a drug store!

When I got home, I ate and hung out for a bit, spent way too much time trying to register for the classes that I need to take (most of which are already full), and finally did Insanity: Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I don’t think I will ever get sick of the Insanity workouts.

I really need sleep and the goal here is that I am going to try to actually get to bed before midnight tonight.

Hope you all had a great day!



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