What I Do Have

Wow. Okay. It’s been WAY too long guys…

Between being busy as physically possible, technical problems, and personal issues, I haven’t really been able/felt up to writing a blog post of any kind the last couple of days. In fact, today especially is a day where I just feel like crawling into a ball and cutting off all forms of communication with the world.

Obviously, today is Father’s day. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this (I probably have, I am actually the worst at remembering what I have posted about on this blog), but I lost my dad 3 years ago to an aggressive form of brain cancer. It took his life within 2 weeks of diagnosis, the tumor growing from a centimeter to the size of a golfball in just that short time. This also happened to occur right after I had just been hospitalized for my eating disorder (we went into the hospital one day apart and he was diagnosed the day that I finally was discharged).

Long story short, Father’s Day is tough for me… And I know all too well that it is tough for many others.

Never the less, I actually had a really nice day.

My day started out at 6:30 with a trip to the gym and 45 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. My knee was bothering me a little bit on my long run yesterday so the elliptical and I may or may not become besties for the next couple of days.


After my workout, I showered at the gym and headed home to eat breakfast (read:smoothie bowl) and get ready for church/the rest of the day.

Originally, the plan was to go to Sagamore Hill (where Teddy Roosevelt lived!) for an hour or so with my uncle and cousin… But apparently it was closed off for some event, so plans had to change. Lucky for me, we wound up at one of my favorite places.


A local arboretum!

Basically, it’s just a huge estate that was owned by an incredibly wealthy family back in the day. The grounds are full of beautiful gardens and greenhouses filled with exotic plants.

IMG_4679 IMG_4683 IMG_4684

The mansion also happened to be open to the public today (last time we came it wasn’t), and it was absolutely incredible. It is just mind boggling to think that this castle-like mansion actually housed a real family. People’s lives were where I was standing… I don’t know, it just felt surreal in a way.

IMG_4690 IMG_4693 IMG_4694 IMG_4696 IMG_4698 IMG_4701 IMG_4702 IMG_4703 IMG_4707

After we were done exploring, we parted with my uncle and cousin and headed home where we then invited my maternal grandparents over for dinner.

IMG_4716 IMG_4715

I was in charge of dessert.

I made this cinnamon-roll swirled coffee cake from Averie’s blog, and man-oh-man did it get rave reviews!

I also got to spend some quality time with the greatest man I know.


Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I really want to focus on what I do. I have an absolutely amazing, close-knit family, both immediate and extended. In fact, my second cousins are my best friends and my great-aunt lives next door to me. I don’t know many other people who can say that.

No, I don’t have my dad, my best friend, my superhero, and my biggest support system anymore… And it completely sucks. However, I do have so many amazing people in my life and I am so blessed.

I am thankful.



2 thoughts on “What I Do Have

    • Erin says:

      Thank you for posting the recipe to such a delicious cake haha! And thank you so much! I’m kind of sort of fan-girling right now over the fact that you took the time to read my post!

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