Hey! I know I have said this before, but I really need to get into a better blogging routine. I’m such a morning person, yet I seem to only write up my posts at night… This leads to half-assed (sorry, I can’t think of a better term) post and then I get frustrated because I really want to put out quality (can writing about my life even be quality?) content and I can’t do that when I’m falling asleep.

So that’s my little spiel about why I decided not to write a blog post last night and am now writing about yesterday today instead.

Yesterday I woke up ready for a run, I was going to just do 4 miles because my knee has been acting up… Then, I realized that if my knee is hurting me, the smart thing to do would be to not run. I do this stupid thing where I guilt myself into exercising when I’m injured (or am heading towards injury) and then what does that do? It causes my getting injured!

I think also that I have been so obsessed with increasing my mileage that the idea of taking some time off of running makes me feel like a failure. I’ve said it before and I will say it again taking some time off or skipping a workout is not failing. The entire world isn’t automatically going to look at you like a lazy sloth just because you’re being kind to yourself.

Do any of you get like this towards yourself where you maybe workout a bit less than usual and all of a sudden feel like your failing your image as the designated, “health and fitness junkie,” of your family/group of friends? Or am I just really crazy?

ANYWAYS! I was kind to myself (and my hurting knee!) yesterday and hit the elliptical for 45 minutes of intervals in lieu of my planned run!

IMG_4750.JPG IMG_2628

And of course, you can guess what followed for breakfast.

IMG_4744]I topped it off with some sprinkles because they just make my heart happy.

The bulk of the rest of the day was spent trying to register for classes (all of the ones I need are either full, late at night, or conflict with other classes I’m already taking… ugh), and filming my new Youtube video that’s going up today!

It’s going to be my go-to sumer makeup. I hope you enjoy it! It’ll be up later in the day! In fact, I’m going to edit and upload as soon as the post is done!

IMG_4751-1 IMG_4753-1

Yay for blurry makeup selfies!

Finally, we really need to talk about my dinner from last night because it was the best thing ever.


I spiralized some zucchini and served it over a bed of Trader Joes’ Cruciferous Crunch salad mix (shredded brussel sprouts, kale, and red cabbage), with chopped peppers and sugar snap peas. It was all topped off with this sesame ginger vinagarette that I found at TJ’s. I served everything raw for a cold noodle bowl and I think this may become a regular dinner for me!

I also had some roasted rosemary chicken that my mom made on the side for some protein. I’m really trying to add more protein into my diet. I think I’m eating like 80% carbs and like 10% protein lately… it’s bad…


You know… just a (blurry) girl and her larger-than-her-head salad. The usual.

Now I’m off to go edit this video and get it up! I have to go into work later and I’m pretty nervous …

Talk to you tomorrow!

Being Nice To Myself And Some Food


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