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Hey everyone!

Today was one of those days where you just are so frazzled that you have absolutely no clue what day it is.

First thing’s first, I want to talk about yesterday! I was hardly home so I really couldn’t get a post in, and when I finally was home it was after 3am and I just crashed!

Yesterday, I started my morning off with another swim workout!


I was short on time so this mile swim workout was absolutely perfect! Plus, those kick drills were absolutely killer. When I’m swimming (especially in freestyle), my kicking is always a lot smaller and less powerful than it should be… Meaning my (weak) arms do most of the work which obviously isn’t the way it is supposed to be… I’ll definitely be adding the workout to my usual rotation!

Also, as much as I hate the fact that I can’t run, I love that swimming is strengthening all of the muscles in both my arms and legs that I don’t normally use for running. I’m hoping that by evening out my muscle strengths with cross training will help prevent injury in the future.

That being said, I really really need to heal up and run again.

After my swim, I took a quick shower and headed right over to my chiropractor to finally have my knee checked out. As I expected, I have patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee)… Which I guess is a good thing because that means that there’s no actual damage in my knee area. She did some ultrasound on it (ultrasound is a miracle worker, I swear) and recommended that I wear a knee brace, especially when I run.

Note to self: go buy that knee brace tomorrow!

Later on in the day, I headed into the city with my friend for a concert! I’ve gone to concerts too weekends in a row and I am definitely not complaining! =)

IMG_5017This picture is super blurry, but the hole-punch marks on my train ticket looked like little bats and it made me a lot happier than it probably should have.

We saw The Front Bottoms and Say Anything, a band that I have loved since 6th grade.

I don’t even know how to formulate words to properly describe just how amazing of a show it was. I love music more than I love most things… In fact, if I could choose one thing to do with my life, it would be music.

The Front Bottoms were absolutely amazing and so much fun.


And Say Anything just completely killed it. I was able to finagle my way all the way up front (where I took quite a few elbows to the head by sweaty men but hey…) and it was just so much fun.

And Max Bemis (their lead singer) is the man.

IMG_5025 IMG_5037 IMG_5047

Also, this made me really happy.


Empire State Building lit up for pride =). So thankful to be able to call New York my city.

Today was just busy and stressful… If I’m honest, I had two really bad panic attacks today and it was all just a mess so I apologize that I don’t have any pictures from today to share and for the fact that I know this post looks like it could have been written by a 3rd grader. I’m just feeling really low and burned out.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I really hope you had a wonderful day =).


What do you do to get yourself through bad days?



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