WIAW #2 – Weird Meals

Hey all! Still blogging from my phone. I’m also super sick… Like, my head feels like it is about to explode.

So let’s just jump into it!

It’s that time of the week again.


Thanks to Jenn for creating such fun link up!

You can read about What I Ate Wednesday here.

Started my day off wrong right with a couple of bites of froyo (it was literally the only food in the house were staying at) before heading out to cover 4 miles in what was the most intense humidity that I have ever experienced.


The plan was to go to the local farmer’a market for breakfast. However, no one in my family was ready to go until almost noon… So j guess breakfast was lunch? Brunch?



Whenever there is a salad bar or hot bar, I go a little crazy and have to get pretty much everything.

On my plate: salmon from a salmon Niçoise salad, hoisin chicken, balsamic chicken, salad, carrots and onions, red cabbage, and Dijon potato salad. I also had more than a couple of bites of my mom’s asparagus quiche … Which I instantly regretted because dairy and me don’t mix well… Or at all.


Iced coffee with chocolate soy milk x 3 … Whoops.

The rest of my food went unpictured. Like I said, I’m feeling really sick so I wound up not being able to sit through dinner. I had a small amount of kale salad, a couple of pop chips (I’m not a fan at all), some sautéed spinach and mushrooms, veggies with hummus and way too much popcorn at the movies. The amount of salt on movie theatre popcorn actually gives me a headache (and worsened the one I already had)… Yet I still continue to eat it. The stuff is addicting.

Definitely not my best day eats wise… But I guess that I’m away on “vacation” so it’s excusable =P.

Best thing you ate today?
Movie theatre popcorn. Love it or hate it? personally, I prefer air popped 100%!


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