Thinking Out Loud 8.7.2014 – I’m All Over The Place

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the week again



Shout out to the alway lovely host of this link up!

So let’s just get into it!

1. Workout.

I (reluctantly) hit the pool bright and early this morning to get a good swim in before showering and driving to an appointment!

350 warm up


100 freestyle pull

100 freestyle kick

100 freestyle

x2 non-stop. No rest between sets.


4×50 IM order

2×25 freestyle


400 cool down

2. It took a lot more mental pushing than usual to get myself into the pool this morning.

As I mentioned the other day in my less-than-cheerful post… I have been in a slump lately. More than a slump actually. I have dug myself into a full on trench and I can’t seem to get myself out of it.

I’m gaining weight… I have never felt this terrible about my body, and trust me, that’s saying a lot given I have never actually felt good about my appearance. I don’t want to leave the house or go out in public. My diet is repulsing me (hence the no WIAW yesterday). I have felt tired and unmotivated to workout (part of this, I’m sure, my lack of rest days… but it’s hard to give myself rest days when I feel so gross and anxious).

I just really don’t know what to do.

What I’m getting at is that it was near impossible to get myself into a swimsuit this morning… let alone walk out into the pool area in it at my gym.

But I did it, and I don’t regret it.

3. I found this magazine today and it may just be the greatest thing ever.


It says premier issue on the cover, so I’m assuming that it’s new? Regardless, it’s an absolutely AMAZING health magazine. In fact, it’s probably the best one that I have ever picked up since it’s not gimmicky (I love you Women’s Health, but you are more about lowering calorie intake than nourishing the body and making people glow from the inside). I have only flipped through it at this point, but I can already tell that this is a magazine that I am going to be picking up every time that they come out with a new issue (I believe that it’s a seasonal magazine) and that I am going to be trying most of the recipes, juices, and smoothies in this thing! So excited!

4. I want to go to this vegan convention/festival so badly! It’s next weekend and it’s basically in my backyard. Unfortunately, chances of me going are slim to none because a.) I am broke, and b.) I am not a vegan (read more about my reasons for this here), so I would feel like the biggest hypocrite/phony on the planet.

5. I posted a new video to my Youtube yesterday!

Yes, I mentioned this yesterday… But just in care you missed it I’m posting it again =P.

6. I have been spending way too much time planning what I am going to buy grocery wise at school, what I’m going to eat, and how I am going to store/prepare my food.

I really want to be smart and healthy at school. I don’t have a meal plan, nor do I have a kitchen, so I am thinking that this will give me the push I need to start eating more raw meals. I do need to find where is the best place to buy reasonably priced produce and will need to probably prepare meals for the week in advanced and find small containers to store them in since I am sharing a fridge (I’m not sure whether or not it’s a mini fridge or not) with a roommate.

I’m also worried that my roommate is going to think I’m a freak if I start steaming veggies in the microwave and keep things like lentils in the fridge… I don’t know. That’s probably just me being ridiculous.

7. I finally got some froyo after not having it for what was probably over a month.


Honey vanilla greek + chocolate with all the fix in’s. Boba is probably my favorite thing ever. So are rainbow sprinkles.

Good night!


1. Tell me something that’s on your mind!

2. Any microwavable or no-cook recipes that you love? Share them with me please!


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