There really is no place like home…

Greetings from…


Yesterday, I took my very last final (I literally was the last person I know to finish finals) and raced straight from class to the airport. Airports always stress me out, especially when I am running late and it is only my second time riding an airplane alone. Luckily, the airport by my school is relatively small (compared to Laguardia and JFK) and easy to navigate. I wound up making it through security with time to spare.


A festive beverage and some blog reading. I think this is becoming an airport tradition of mine, and yes that is Hungry Runner Girl, her blog is my absolute favorite!

I boarded the plane, and two hours and a half hours (and a VERY bumpy ride) later, I was finally back in the greatest place on earth… New York! 

Going away has really made me realize just how much I love where I live. I love everything about it from the cute little houses, to the stores, and, somehow, even to the cold. I’m not sure if I would be saying this though if I was still living here. I am SO sick of the Florida heat at this point, I’m ready for the weather to drop out of the 80’s into some nice, chilly running and sweater weather.

Home is the greatest place on earth.



My mama made me a sign because she is adorable.


She also got me some, “welcome home,” goodies! Some toothpaste, because… I need it, and straws, to support my smoothie addiction (and I can’t drink them without a straw or I am sad)!

Sleeping in my own bed was also so nice. Last time I was home, I barely slept because I was having so much anxiety about going back to school. I would literally just lie there thinking, “Only 3 more days and I have to go back there.” It was terrible. I was finally able to move out of my dorm room back at college. I know that I have briefly mentioned it, but I had a really terrible rooming situation and it pretty much resulted in my first semester of college being a living hell for me. The rooming situation that I have moved into now is apparently (according to the two girls that moved out of the room I moved into) is less that idea. But, nothing could be worse than what I was in. As long as I am not made fun of and meant to feel like I am not even a person… I should be good.

Onto some happier stuff! 

This morning, it was so nice to get back into my old routine again. Wakeup, brush teeth, workout, wash face, breakfast. It’s such a simple little routine that I sorely missed.

I decided to do legs today and did two super awesome Blogilates videos



I did her new, “Sexy Sculpted Legs Workout” followed by her, “Skinny Legs for Leggings” workout. Both of which were killer, especially the second video. It was seriously so tough and so fun. Plus, I’m a huge fan of bularian lunges and she did them in this video! Woohoo!

After my workout, breakfast was eaten while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I made sure that my mom recorded it for me since I couldn’t watch it at school… it’s the highlight of my year! As always, it was amazing. Although, I hated how Taylor Swift sort of stole the show and acted somewhat snobbily towards Patrick Stump (the unbelievably talented lead singer of Fall Out Boy). Like, she got to sing with Fall Out Boy… That’s amazing. And Pat is so adorable and inhumanly talented… hm. I think I’m getting too emotional over nothing.


Egg whites for breakfast because they make me happy.

Later in the day, I bundled up and braved the cold for a run! Honestly, being someone who hates cold weather, I am shocked by how much more enjoyable I find running in the cold than in the heat. I think the air in Florida is just normally heavier than the air here. I find running a lot easier and more relaxing here. I set out to cover 4 miles and wound up covering 5 instead. I love when that happens. 



I’m just so happy to be home. There are no words. 

Also, tonight, I went and saw Frozen with my mom and brother. I had actually already seen the movie (I went last week with my big and my twin from my sorority), but I my mom wanted me and my brother to see it with her, and it’s an incredible movie so I was more than happy to see it again. I actually might wind up seeing it a third time with my best friend at some point soon… Yeah… I’m mildly obsessed.


I also may or may not have a huge crush on Kristoff (the guy on the left) and yes I know that he is animated…. don’t judge me.

The music in the movie is incredible. I have probably listened to Indina Menzel singing “Let It Go” 500 times in the last week. The characters were great and the plot, thought it did have a few holes in it that bothered me, was wonderful and different. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can buy it and watch it every single day.

Alright, time to go to sleep and dream about Kristoff nice things.

Good night! 





The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

First thing’s first.

I wore real people clothes today (as opposed to the usual baggie, cross country shirts and leggings that I normally wear).



Oversized (and by oversized, i mean oversized) flannel shirt – Forever 21

High wasted leggings – Forever 21

White t-shirt – Brandy Melville

Shoes – Vans: Off The Wall

Purse – RED by Mark Echo (Macy’s)

Today’s workout, staying true to my promise to take a few days off from running, I hit the elliptical for 45 minutes of HIIT.

Elevation = level 10

Warm up – 5 minutes

Peddling forward

5 minutes – starting at resistance 5, up resistance by one every minute

At highest resistance, peddle backwards for 2 minutes

peddle forwards 1 minute

bring resistance down to level 4 and SPRINT (steps per minute over 200) 1 minute

1 minute recovery

Repeat whole thing. This time peddling backwards.

Then I repeated it forwards again,


About 5 miles accomplished!

After that I completed two Tone It Up Workouts (wow… shocker. I know.)


The Cowabunga Workout


And the Santorini Bikini Workout

Wow… I reeally didn’t do enough. I honestly just got really upset and self-conscious and anxious while I was doing my strength training and I had to leave the gym. I couldn’t handle it. Pathetic, I know.

On a lighter note…

Last night, at the lovely time of 8pm, I saw the “midnight” (not at midnight though) premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


Like the teenage girl that I am, I looove the Hunger Games. I read them years ago, before they were a popular thing (oh, oh so hipster of me). The concept of dystopias have been a topic of interest to me ever since I read The City of Ember back in Fourth Grade.

I went with my best (and pretty much my only) friend here at college, Shannon. She also read the book so after the movie we, naturally, launched into a discussion of book vs. movie.


The Good

  • For the most part, they did a really good job with casting. I found Johanna to be absolutely perfect for the part. Shannon and I also agreed that Plutarch, Maggs, and Wiress, and Beetee were all perfectly cast.
  • The entire portion of the movie that took place in the arena was absolutely perfect. They did an amazing job on it.
  • I cried about 25 times… Why is this good? Well, I know a movie is good if it makes me cry… I’m not weird at all…. Pssh..
  • Katniss’ wedding dress turned mocking jay was absolutely INCREDIBLE.



The Ehhh….

  • Ok. They WAAAAYYY overdid the whole Katniss-Gale-Peeta-love-triangle thing… Gale kissed Katniss about 5 minutes into the movie and the second that it happened me and Shannon gave each other complete “WTF” looks… THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK. The thing is… I hate when they try to Hollywood up great stories to make them more appealing to the teeny-boppers. The story really isn’t about love. Love is a part of the story, yes. But the main point of the story is revolution, hope, survival, and Katniss’ unceasing desire to protect her family.
  • It’s always hard to make a movie out of a book where the character is talking in first person. In the book, we hear Katniss’ thoughts. We can see her starting to truly care for Peeta in a new way. We can see all of her inner conflicts. Of course, this not being portrayed right really can’t be helped. It just happens in movies.
  • They left out the part where Plutarch shows Katniss his watch while they are dancing… That’s pretty darn major.

Over-all i really loved the movie. I think they did an even better job with this one than the first and I am way too excited for the next one. I can’t wait.

Now if you will excuse me… I’m gonna go do some online Christmas shopping. May the odds be ever in your favor y’all!


What are your favorite types of books to read?

Have you seen Catching Fire yet? What are your feelings about it?


A lot of words, not a lot of pictures..

Sorry to say that this post won’t necessarily be all that aesthetically pleasing…


Although, i have to say, this picture from my run today isn’t all that shabby!

Today was another one of those draining days of class and homework and not much else. I had planned on waking up early to run this morning. Yeah… didn’t exactly happen. I really needed sleep, so I just went for a run after my 9am class instead. Geez Louise, is Florida humid. This entire week has been so overcast, so every time I go outside I just expect that it’s going to be cool out. It’s not. 

I just did an easy thirty minute run, only covering 3.37 miles. My plantar fasciitis is really acting up bad. I know that I need to take a break from running, but I just can’t. Honestly, I just feel so terrible about my body that I just can’t afford to be reducing my mileage… I’m going to do the bike tomorrow though instead of my planned speed work! I know that in the long run, it’s better to take some time off to recover than to keep running on an injury. 

By the way… my injured self rocked my compression socks under my yoga pants to class today. 


Woohoo for blurry pictures whilst I walk down the stairs.

After class and my run, the rest of the day was really spent workshopping stories for creative writing. Our larger assignments (longer piece of writing at the end of each topic that we focus on) are presented in workshop. We all email our pieces to the professor and she forwards them to us. We then write up some feedback and discuss them in class. We workshop about four people a day. Today happened to be my day, and the focus was personal narratives. Honestly, what I wrote for this class was probably the most personal thing I have ever written. It was heavy, really heavy. I sent it in and then five seconds later wanted nothing more than to email my professor and beg her not to send it out to anyone. I was so scared for what people would think. Like I said, it was really heavy and personal.

I was shaking all throughout class, terrified. And by the time it came my turn to be workshopped, I was practically in tears. Not much was said, except for the fact that my piece made everyone cry. Wonderful. My teacher did tell me that it was a really great piece of writing and said I had some really powerful lines. It made me really happy, all my life I have dreamed of writing books. The fact that someone could enjoy my writing means the world to me. 

After class, I did some more working out. Ab work was more than necessary.



Tone It Up‘s Sleek and Slender Abs With Karena



POP Pilates Abs On Fire


And finally… XHIT’s 5 Minute Abs (By the way… Can I just please be Rebecca Louise please?…hehe that rhymed!)


I really need to start doing more ab work. I will definitely be feeling the burn tomorrow.

My night ended with a Greek event for Sigma Chi’s derby days… long story short: I saw frat guys dressed in drag twerk.

I shall leave you now with that mental image in your head 😉

Wow… this post had more pictures in it than I thought it would. 



A Weekend Off Campus…

Hello friends!

Once again, I spent a weekend without wi-fi. It stinks too, because I really had a lot to say.

I spent the weekend with my grandparents (again) at the condo that they are renting while theirs is being redone. There was flooding in their condo which caused mold. The entire thing had to be gutted. Seeing it makes me so sad. There are no walls or floors. Their condo has always been my favorite place in the world, so seeing it completely destroyed honestly makes me feel sick.

My grandparents came to pick me up on Saturday morning at around 11. There are no words for how happy I was to get off campus and escape the craziness here. Their condo is so quiet and peaceful.

After touching down at the condo, I laced up my running shoes and headed out the door. I was feeling really sick, so I did four very easy miles.


Can’t beat running along the water…

My plantar fasciitis has also been acting up so, of course, I rocked my ProCompression socks.


Typical running shoe selfie.

The rest of the day was spent sitting on the porch writing.


Does this not look like the perfect place to do some quality writing?

9 and a half page personal narrative for my creative writing class – check!

It is so amazing actually be somewhere quiet. My campus is in the middle of the city, so obviously, there is always noise. Horns, sirens, traffic. Those I can deal with. It is the constant yelling of drunken teenagers all over the place and the yelling in the hallways. Being outside with no sounds but that of nature and the occasional golfer driving by? I couldn’t ask for much else.

Oh, and to make things even better, my grandma gave me a tray of vegetable.


Veggie trays make me so much happier than they should…

Saturday was honestly just super chill. I walked up to Publix, baked for my friends (cake mix cookies), and went out to dinner by the beach.

Sunday, like Saturday was another nice and quiet day.

Started my day off with a seven mile run! Still not feeling that great, it honestly turned into more of a walk/run. I always feel so pathetic whenever I walk on one of my runs. I always need to remind myself that it is just part of being a runner. We all have good days and bad days. What matters is pushing through the bad days so that you can really really appreciate the good ones.


Also, a beautiful view always makes a run worth while! It started drizzling about three miles into my run. I love running in the rain. Wow, the sentences in this post are so choppy. It’s awful.

I got back from my run, showered, and went to church. Then it was time for breakfast.

My grandma really wanted to try out this new place called Steam that we passed while driving home from the restaurant Saturday night.



Egg whites are another one of those weird things that make me waaay happier than they should.

I got the “egg white scramble,” which was scrambled egg whites (uh, duh), mushrooms, and artichoke hearts over a bed of spinach. Oh! There were also balsamic drizzled tomatoes! So yummy and healthy! One of the things that I’m most looking forward to about going back home for Thanksgiving (besides the obvious being home and seeing my family thing) is cooking and juicing again. I need healthier foods in my life. I feel so disgusted by how few vegetables I get here…

I am back on campus right now, trying to fight the overwhelming desire to eat out of boredom. I do that far too much. It’s disgusting.

Sorry, ending this post on a negative note. Maybe it was the 5am fire alarm this morning =P


A Weekend Away and Stress Beyond Belief

Hello friends! It’s been a couple of days! 

I spent the weekends with my grandparents in St. Pete’s so I didn’t have wi-fi and I really wanted to write about the weekend so I didn’t want to just put up a bunch of pictures from my phone.

There are no words for how excited I was to get off campus for the weekend. There is so much unnecessary drama here and so many not nice people. It was just so nice to get away and to enter the calm, loving environment that is my grandparent’s condo… Ok, not really their condo. Unfortunately, shortly before I came down here to school, a pipe burst in their condo. The pipe flooded and destroyed there condo. I didn’t understand the full extent of the damage until I visited it this weekend. There are no floors or walls. I have no idea when they will be able to move back into it. I feel so bad for them and the amount of money that they have to spend on repairs, the selfish part of me is upset because I don’t know when they will be able to stay down here for me to come visit all the time.

Luckily, a kind couple from the same condo complex (not sure if that’s the right world) is allowing them to stay in the lower condo (they are two levels, normally separate condos. This couple just happens to own both the top and bottom ones) and it’s really nice! My grandparents seem comfortable there, which makes me really happy.

Saturday was an all over the place kind of day. My grandparents picked me up from school at 11:30, we went to Publix to pick up a couple of things, and then headed back to their condo. I wish that I took some pictures of the interior of the condo because it had such cool, ethnic decorations. I think I am going back again this weekend so I will be sure to take some then.

I got to do some reading in my favorite place



sitting out by the pond in the back of the condo and reading is one of my favorite things.

Next, we headed over to their country club pool for a little while where i got to hit up the gym. It was so exciting to be in a completely empty gym. The one on campus is teeny tiny and is always jam packed. It gets overwhelming at times.



Once again, I did Tone It Up’s Biker Babe workout, upped the resistance again to. Ended the workout nice and sweaty and happy!

We ended our day with my choice of restaurant which was of course…




They give you a bucket of peanuts and you get to throw the shells on the floor! It makes me feel so rebellious and hard core.

I wound up getting the blackened tilapia with pico de gallo and veggies. It felt so nice to have fresh seafood and veggies again.Image 


The highlight of my Sunday had to be my run! I woke up at 7am to cover 7 miles on my favorite trail in St. Pete’s!


This little bridge that takes you over the road makes me a lot happier than it probably should.


And you can’t beat morning skies.

The posts along the trail say that it eventually leads to the beach. I have never gotten that far, but someday I shall! It’s all about setting goals people!

Another highlight of my day was honestly breakfast…


I GOT TO EAT EGG WHITES A FRESH FRUIT! I never imagined I would miss something as simple as egg whites so much but I do, I really really do. More than anything I miss fresh fruit. I probably ate my body weight in strawberries and raspberries this weekend. Not pictured is the bag of baby carrots that I was way too excited to eat. The struggles of a college student with a meal plan and no kitchen.

I spent the rest of my day at the club finishing my book (Fallout by Ellen Hopkins) and dreading going back to campus. I had to be back by 4:30 for a sorority meeting and I pretty much got back at 4:30 on the dot. 

This week is so hectic. I have so many papers due, a project on Wednesday (that I have to speak in front of the class for), and, *deep breath* I register for classes tomorrow. Almost all of the classes that I need for my major are full so I just sorta-kinda freaking out…

And now, at last, SLEEP!

Good night!


1. Where is your favorite place to run?

2. How do you cope with stress? 


Lacking Common Sense and Thor 2

Hey people!

I need to start blogging at a normal time of day because this whole, “writing while I’m half asleep,” thing isn’t really working out for me. It is 12:34 on a Friday night and being the party animal I obviously am… I just want sleep.

Tonight was actually a really good night, but I’ll get to that later!

One thing that I really want to mention is how absolutely spectacular my run was yesterday. 


Evening runs are the best.

I spent a majority of my day yesterday in bed, feeling like I was dying. I went for a walk and I was honestly afraid that I was going to pass out. I was running a fever, and my entire body was shaking. I had wanted to run 5 miles, but with how horrible I was feeling, I was hardly expecting to even be able to do 3.

Once I started running, all of the sickness I was feeling went away. I good run, looking at the beautiful sunset over the bay, was exactly what I needed. There are no words to describe how great my run felt. Aren’t those the best? The run that you’re expecting to be horrible, but end up turning out great? There really is no better feeling.

I ran 5 miles with an average pace just shy of an 8:25 mile. No, not impressive, but a lot better than i thought it would be.



I really dig how the flash emphasizes my cellulite… cute.

Today, I learned a lesson. A very important lesson.

Never… and i repeat, NEVER run at noon in Florida. You will melt and be miserable and contemplate jumping in the bay to keep yourself from bursting into flames. I’m probably being dramatic, but I’m from New York so I’m allowed to not be able to handle the heat (my excuse).

Before my run, I did Tone It Up‘s full body workout playlist. I liked just being able to do multiple workouts once through instead of doing one routine multiple times. It kept things interesting.



I honestly struggled through my three miles. My plantar fasciitis was acting up and my legs were shaky from just doing the workouts prior. I was also dying from the burning sun… just wasn’t my day. But I did it!


Sweaty and happy. And yes, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am wearing a Blogilates workout tank!

My night was spent in the most wonderful way possible…

I got to see Thor 2 with my wonderful big and twin (sorority family).



My oh my was it good! First off… Chris Hemsworth. Need I say more?

Besides the eye candy, it was just an amazing movie. The story of Thor is one of my favorites by Marvel. It’s so interesting and fantasical and all the characters have so much depth to them. It also had some freakin’ sick fight scenes so that’s always good.

I really want to say more about this movie because I really did love it… but I’m falling asleep and I can already tell that my writing in this post is getting more atrocious by the paragraph.

Good night to you all! I’m spending the weekend with my grandparent’s… so excited!



The most uneventful day ever and testing the waters…

Today was probably the single most unproductive day of my life. In fact, I could probably get a spot in The Guinness Book of World Records for how uneventful it was.

I started my day at the super late hour of 10am, when I was finally able to muster up the strength the peel myself out of bed. I don’t know what has been wrong with me lately but I will wake up in cold sweats and too shaky to get up. It’s weird…

Anyway, the fact that I slept until 10 was pretty exciting given the fact that i am not one to sleep late. I actually freak out when/if I ever sleep past 10 because I feel like I wasted my day.

Instead of sleeping, I proceeded to waste my day in another way…


My entire day in a picture…

Peanut butter with pretzels. Water. Supernatural. That was my day in a nutshell.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was at least somewhat productive! I got my math homework done and completed a couple of health quizzes. I’ve totally got this college thing down-pat.

When I finally couldn’t take my extreme sloth anymore, I decided it was time to go for a run. I haven’t run for about a week now. My plantar fasciitis started acting up last week (as I mentioned in the previous post) so I decided it would be a good idea to stick with cross-training for a bit to avoid it getting worse. Going a week without running actually feels like five thousand years, and my foot wasn’t hurting, so I decided it would be a good time to test the waters and try an easy run!


I covered 4 miles with a slower pace and my foot felt pretty okay. It is definitely not 100% and I don’t think a longer run would be as pain-free as this one yet unfortunately. It’s so frustrating. However, I’m just glad that I got to run! It was such a nice night, even with the gusts of wind that made me feel like I was running super hard without actually getting anywhere. Running into the wind was fun though.

I’m also mildly obsessed with my running trail here at school.


Dark water. A storm’s a’brewin!

After my run, I needed hydration and I needed it fast. I walked into Publix (best grocery store ever by the way) intending to buy water. I left with some diet green tea instead.



The little old lady on the bottle just looked so happy… I couldn’t help but buy it!

Now, as I type this, my mind is racing. Too many things are going on right now. It’s so overwhelming. I am glad for the little things though… like the fact that today I played Ruzzle against the lead singer of my favorite band of all time.Image

I got..well… demolished by him. 

Now, I need some sleep if I have any hopes of making it to my 8:30 tomorrow morning. Goodnight people! 


How do you deal with not being able to do your favorite workout due to injury?

What is your favorite (non-water) post-workout beverage?