Hey everyone! Hope your day is going well.

Today has been one of those days where I just haven’t stopped movie, yet I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. I woke up this morning and promptly completed one of Fitness Blender’s, “HIIT It Like A Girl,” workouts. I am loving Fitness Blender lately, I have yet to find a workout by them that I don’t like. Plus, the tabata style keeps them from wearing me out too much and keeps things fast-paced and interesting.

After my workout and a quick breakfast, I drove out to the preserve to go meet up with my girlfriends for our Sunday run. Once again, we didn’t really do much running. We jogged one lap (a mile and a half), and walked the other. One of my friends who came today I hadn’t seen since last summer, so it was definitely awesome to catch up!

After our jog/walk, as always, we headed over to the yogurt shop for some post-workout froyo. For whatever reason, I didn’t snap a picture of my yogurt today… I’m sure you’re very torn up over this.

The rest of the day was spent running errands and cleaning. Once again, not the most eventful day on the planet!

The main reason that I had to get so much done today was because yesterday, instead of getting stuff done, I wound up at a Greek Festival!


My uncle was taking his daughters (my cousin) to this festival in his town and invited my mom, brother, and I to come alone. At first, I was just going to stay home… But I really am trying to be more social and stop locking myself up away from the world (haha… but really), and I’m really proud of myself for going! Yes, this sounds lame. But… I am taking baby steps towards become a fully functioning human being haha!

Admittedly, the festival was kind of lame. We arrived and within 5 minutes, my cousin and I were standing around trying to figure out what to do (there wasn’t really anything… unless you felt like paying a whopping 5 bucks to attempt to win a stuffed animal).

But then, we got glitter tattoos. Our days were instantly made!


Yes, that is a Pokemon glitter tattoo. Yes, I promise I’m actually 19… And yes, I am wearing Tetris leggings. As the oh-so-wise Avril Lavigne once said, “Here’s to never growing up.”

Ending this post on a fun-fact.

IMG_4325 IMG_4330

I may or may not have an obsession with roasted cauliflower and broccoli with sriracha.

Also, I may or may not need to start taking photos for my blog with something other than my phone.

Have a great night!


What is your favorite way to embrace your inner child?

What’s your current favorite thing to eat?




I’m Learning So Much…

Hey guys. Today’s post is going to be a heavy(isn) one.

I’ve been going back and forth for a while about full-on addressing this in a blog post for a while now, it’s really not a big deal… But it’s something that I am afraid that it will lead my blog to a path that I don’t want it to go on. At the same time, I want this blog to be an outlet. Do I want to have readers? Of course! I don’t know a single “blogger” that doesn’t want tons of people reading their blogs, regardless of what they may claim. I mean, we are posting our lives on the internet for a reason, right?

There is, however, a fine line between sharing and over-sharing. As a blogger with no real “mold” that I fit into (I would say I’m mostly a healthy living blogger… But I don’t know if I even qualify for that title haha), I want to be able to talk about my life and my thoughts and hopefully have people out there read what I write and relate to what I am going through. However, it’s tough to share your life on the internet… There is a part of me that wants to spill my entire life story and every single morbid/happy/random/hopeful/pessimistic thought that pops into my mind… But something tells me that that would not make for the most enjoyable blog to read, nor would it make Snapbacksnandracingflats the positive and uplifting place that I want it to be.

Yet, I know that by holding things back, I am keeping this blog from being anything more than a place for me to say what I ate and how much I ran that day… To me, that’s not what blogging is about.

So here it goes, I know that I have referenced to this fact before… But I have never (at least, not in any posts that are still live) said this flat out on here.

I have an eating disorder Or I am in recovery from an eating disorder, and I have been for the past 3 years.

When I first started this blog, it was completely as a, “spill your guts,” outlet. I had recently gotten out of the hospital after being admitted for my low weight and heart rate, I had also just lost my father… So my life was kinda-sorta a mess.

So that’s when Snapbacks and Racing Flats was born, although, back then it was called Erin Learns to Live.

The problem with prefacing a blog with the fact that you are in recovery from an eating disorder is that, once you release that information into the world, it a) stays with you, b) drives people/readers away and c) makes it feel like the focus of your blog has to be your recovery. 

So, about a year into blogging, I went back and deleted all of my posts and restarted.

Then I did it again a year later.

Right now, at almost a year since the blog that is now Snapbacks and Racing Flats (can I call it SandR for short?), it is the longest that I have gone blogging without deleting the whole thing.

And I am really enjoying writing this thing…  But there is something missing.

I struggle… A lot. And while I don’t plan on, nor do I want to posting about all of my unhealthy thoughts and how depressed and miserable I am every day, this illness is a part of me, and I use up a large majority of my life-force each and every day trying to fight the incessant horrible voice in my head that is telling me that I am not good enough. The one that is telling me to skip a meal. The one that is telling me that a 3 mile run isn’t enough of a workout and that I need to do much more.

I’ve been fighting this monster inside my brain for a long time… Almost 10 years now (my official diagnosis was almost 4 years ago, but I was ill long before that), and I have come so far. I don’t want this blog to become an annoying teenager with a disorder that whines about how hard things are and makes people feel uneasy.

I want this to be a place of positivity, health, and most importantly, hope. I want to be able to show people that you can over come a heck of a lot of (pardon my french) shit that life throws at you. You can do anything, That you set your mind to. You exist for a reason, and I want to make sure that no one every forgets that. I am not the most religious person on the planet, I will admit to that… But I truly, 100% believe that everyone is born with a mission. There is not a single person on this planet that doesn’t have a purpose, although it is so easy to sometimes think the opposite. These thoughts are poison.

I’ll never be successful.

I’m such a failure.

I’m not good enough… Not attractive/thin/smart/rich/athletic/talented enough.

I am unimportant.


I really don’t know how this post that was supposed to be just a brief overview of what is really my story (my eating disorder is actually how I found healthy living blogs, which helped so much in my recovery! It is also how I found a love for running.) turned into one of the most wordy posts I have ever done…

But truly, I really hope that this whole thing makes sense and is not just a jumble of words…Because that is honestly what it feels like. I feel like my brain is just going and my hands are just typing… I’m not really thinking much about what I am writing. So I’m sorry.

I just… I wanted this fact, my diagnosis, to be known. Not because it is my identity… If I have learned anything in these past 3 years is that I am SO MUCH MORE than my diagnosis (and so are you!), but to disclose to you, my reader friends, some information that I think is important in doing what I am doing here, sharing my life. And my recovery from this disease that has grasped me so tightly for such a long time is a huge part of my life. I feel that by releasing this little secret about me (although this is scary as hell), will make blogging a little bit easier. I feel as though I can put more of myself into what I am writing, and I hope that this will help this blog grow… Because I really do love this thing. And even though I know that there are maybe two people that read this thing, I couldn’t be happier. I hope that those two people reading this take something away from my blog. I hope that they know that they are more than enough and that they are special and worth it. I hope they know that they are strong and beautiful.

I hope they know that I am thankful for them.




Three Things Thursday

Hey everyone!

Okay, so being home is definitely messing with my sense of keeping track of what day it is (does that happen to anyone during the summer/vacation time?), so I had it all planed out that I was going to start doing, “What I Eat Wednesday” this week. I took all the pictures and everything, but then all of a sudden I realized…

Yesterday was Wednesday… I didn’t realize this until it was midnight and I was way too tired to even keep my eyes open, let alone right a blog post.

So yeah, happy Thursday!

Today wasn’t really the most eventful day in the world… So I thought that I would just share some highlights from today! Plus, the title, “Three Things Thursday,” sounded cute and I am always a sucker for a good use of alliteration!

1. I only ran three miles today. I feel guilty about this, but I am trying really hard to stop with the exercise guilt that I torment myself with. I need to listen to my body and give it rest when I need to. Also, the trees are so pretty this time of year, even if they do give me the worst allergies ever.


2. I am actually addicted to smoothie bowls. I think I am going to become a smoothie bowl soon if I don’t stop eating them for almost every meal. 

Frozen greek yogurt + vanilla extract + cinnamon + spinach + ice + coconut milk = heaven

Frozen greek yogurt + vanilla extract + cinnamon + spinach + ice + coconut milk = heaven

3. I wore Tetris leggings today, and it made me so much happier than it probably should have.


Hope you all had a nice day!



1. What were three things that you did today?

2. Do you ever lose track of what day it is during the summer/when you are on vacation from school or work?


At Last


I’m finally home!


George Washington Bridge picture taken through an obviously filthy windshield.

There are really no words that can properly express how being home feels. I am just so thankful to have this place as my home and am so relieved to finally be out of that school that did nothing but suck the life out of me.

I feel so motivated and optimistic. I hope this lasts!

Of course, I had to start today with a run in the absolutely perfect weather that only a New York spring can offer.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I covered 5 miles in my town and couldn’t be happier. It was so nice to be running my old and familiar trail. Bayshore by my college may have been nice, but nothing compares to running the trails that I have past 3 years.

After my run, I whipped out the good ‘ol Vitamix to make my first ever acai bowl! God, I have missed smoothies!



In the mix: Sambazon unsweetened acai smoothie pack, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 Tbs Cocoa powder, and stevia. Topped it off with some sunflower seeds, vegan chocolate chips, and a couple of goji berries. So creamy and yummy! Definitely going to become a frequent flier in my daily meals!

I spent most of my day running errands and unpacking (groan). I actually think that unpacking all of my stuff will take the rest of my life. Trying to put away things leads to me pulling everything out and trying to organize it, not liking how it is organized, pulling everything out again, and repeating this process about five times. I spent hours unpacking and barely made a dent… I decided to take a break and do more tomorrow!

Then it was time for lunch, and it was another creamy smoothie bowl. I am just loving having access to the Vitamix again!


Chocolate frozen banana “nice”cream! Carbs are my favorite.

Later, I cooked dinner (this post is very food centered isn’t it? … It is also quite dull. My apologies).

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Heaven in the form of veggies.



We ended the day next door at my great-aunt’s house to celebrate her birthday. Being surrounded by my family and being close to them again is indescribable. I am SO thankful for the family that I have… I never want to move out of New York again!




I love life right now.


What did you have for breakfast?

Do you live close to your family members or do you live far away? 


Working Girl + Some Random Updates

Well… my busy schedule just got a little bit busier…

I got a job!

I will now be working a 25 hour work week… Wow, I am so nervous and so excited at the same time.

Friday morning, I had my interview at 9:30 in the morning. Since I don’t have a car, I had to walk to the mile and a half to the place, meaning I had to leave early. It was a beautiful morning…

And then it wasn’t…


It started pouring 15 minutes into my walk to work… I didn’t have a jacket or an umbrella… It also got really cold all of a sudden.

I was not a happy camper. I also had to go into my interview soaking wet, not exactly the best first impression to make. I seriously walked in and apologized a million and one times for the fact that I was soaking wet. I seriously did NOT think that I was going to get the job, I looked sloppy and I was tripping over my words due to nerves. All I could think about was the fact that I was going to not get the job and then have to walk home sadly in the rain.

But somehow, I got it!

Another highlight from last weeks was our first fitness evaluation in my biokinetics class. How biokinetics works is that it takes place in both the classroom and in the gym/on the track. We learn about the way the body works and then put that learning to the test outside.  I’m really loving it.

On Wednesday, we had our first fitness evaluation, which was a timed mile. We started with a 1/2 mile jog warm up, squats and lunges, and then we ran our mile. It wasn’t full out or race pace, but it was still for time so we were expected to push. I was so scared that I would finish last and be super embarrassed, but I wound up being the first girl to finish and even beat a couple of the boys! 7:04 seconds, definitely not what I would consider good at all, but it wasn’t race pace. I’m aiming for 6:40 at the next evaluation.

And now for some random updates on my life that you probably don’t care about…



Here’s a picture of my current lunch obsession. I’ve been addicted to dipping broccoli in honey mustard. My cafeteria also makes these really good wheat berry/cranberry/quinoa salads.. Bread is (unfortunately) always necessary for me.



I also have apparently been spelling my name wrong my entire life.


Did this workout from Tone It Up yesterday and felt great! It’s been a while since I’ve felt great during a workout.



Watched Tangled with my friend Shannon last night and cried (ok not really) about our single-ness.


How have your lives been lately?


Squash on Squash on Squash…

I promise that the title of this blog post will eventually somewhat make sense!

There past two days have been so hectic (I feel like I describe 99% of my days as hectic… what am I going to do once I actually have a job?), I feel like I haven’t had a moment to think. Actually, not thinking for a while is probably a good thing for me. Not thinking means not being able to stress about absolutely everything in my life! Woohoo!

So, yesterday I went into the city to do some shopping (window shopping mostly).



Can we just talk about how rad this picture is? I’m so proud of it… Plus, it got like 35 likes on instagram and it’s actually pathetic how happy that made me. Haha!

We just shopped around for a little while in Times Square, spending most of the time in Forever 21. Have you ever been in the Forever 21 in NYC? It’s flipping massive! It literally took us an hour and a half just to get through the entire store! We also each only wound up buying like 2 things…

Next, we went into the Disney store because I have been trying to get a Sven (the reindeer from Frozen) plushie for over a month now! I am literally OBSESSED with Frozen. I have seen it 3 times, and I have been looking to see it a third time… I may or may not be mildly addicted to the movie Frozen… whoops.


Today was another mess of a day. This morning I got my brother up for school (you have no idea what a struggle this task is) and took him to school, then tried to get some more sleep since I haven’t gotten more than 5 hours of sleep a night in over a week. I slept for like a half an hour and then all of this stuff happened and I didn’t wind up officially starting my day (i.e. eating breakfast) until almost noon. Grr, I hate when I start my days late, I feel like I wasted a day. I actually can’t sleep past 9, or 10 being the latest, because I hate hate hate feeling like I wasted a day.

Today, since I now have a working phone, I was finally able to access my instagram again! Which means that I can officially check in for the Love Your Body Challenge! If you don’t know what the Love Your Body Challenge is, it is a yearly (this being the second year) challenge by the girls at Tone It Up that takes place between New Years and Valentine’s Day. I’ll link the info here. Y’all should definitely take part in the challenge! Karena and Katrina are my role models and it’s a lot of fun!

Here’s a little picture of my check in to sum up my day – IMG_0106

My food, like always, was all over the place today. Breakfast, weirdly enough, was veggies with Oikos greek yogurt dip and 1/4 cup of 0% cottage cheese with a drizzle of maple syrup and cinnamon. I picked at things like rice crackers with sunflower seed butter and nuts and kale chips all day… and then made an awesome dinner!

For dinner, (the ugly looking food pictured in the bottom right of the picture above) I had spiralized squash “noodles” with some zucchini (which is also a squash), spinach, chicken, and tomato sauce. So much squash! See? Told you the title would eventually make sense! I topped the whole thing with nooch and it was SO yummy!

As far as my workouts, today was a rest day from the Asylum, so I headed to the gym and did an easy thirty minutes with a 5 minute walking cool down and covered 3.62 miles. Later, I did the new total body workout that Tone I t Up posted. I originally wasn’t going to do it, since my body is so tired from Insanity, but I felt so gross and I was excited for a new workout. It was a great workout! I loved it and will definitely feel it tomorrow… which kinda worries me given that tomorrow’s Insanity workout is… well… Insanity…

On that note, I guess it is time for bed. I have to get my brother up for school again tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Today was… Interesting…

To say the least…

It all started as a normal Wednesday at home. Wake up at 7. Wake up little brother. Shake little brother vigorously until he finally gets up. Make little brother breakfast (Ovaltine and waffles because I’m a rad big sister 😉 ). Take little brother to school.

After taking James (that’s “little brother’s name!) to school, I set up to do today’s Insanity workout.

Today’s scheduled workout was “Back to Core,” which I expected would be … Well… A core based workout.

But of course, I was wrong. I’m starting to learn that when it comes to The Asylum, you need to expect the unexpected. Back to core was, in fact, a back workout. Yes, it works the core  in the sense that the core must be engaged to properly do the moves, but it was ALL about the back. Oh that upper body… Yup… not my thing.

This workout was tough and, whilst it focused mainly on the back, it worked the legs, booty, and abs as well.The hardest part for me was this one sequence where you had to hold a lunge for a billion years (yes, that is an accurate number) while to back moves. I had to stand for a second during that (I’m ashamed to even admit that). Again, I have to improve throughout the course of the series.

Sweat wise, it this workout got my heart rate up , but not nearly as much as I am used to with Insanityy. I wouldaalmost think of this workout as an active rest day kind of workout.. You get some great strength training in with small burst of cardio in the beginning and end. Definitely the “easiest” (I put easiest in quotes because there is nothing easy about Insanity) workout I have done yet from the Asylum so far. Tomoorrow is Vertical Plyo and i am SO excited/scared because cardio is kind of my thing!

The best part of finishing a morning workout is a breakfast smoothie after!

… Oh wait… I didn’t take a picture of my smoothie today. Oh darn. Now how ever will you know what it looks like? It’s not like I post pictures of the same smoothie every day…

I also got a much needed haircut today. I’m a wimp and put off getting haircuts as long as possible because my hair is my security blanket and I’m a baby and normally cry every time I get it cut because I feel like it looks bad.

Somehow, today, for the first time in my entire life… actually liked my haircut! It’s a Christmas miracle!


I really wanted my hair a certain way but it would apparently look weird long, so she just added a long layer and some angles. I have to say, it made me feel a lot better.

Things have been rough lately. I have just been feeling worse and worse about myself. My body honestly disgusts me, as does my entire appearance. It sounds vain and stupid, I know. But it’s all I can think of. I wound up being late for my hair appointment because I had an anxiety attack over being out in public. It’s shameful and embarrassing. On top of my normal self-hatred, I’m stressing over whether or not to stay at my current university, getting a job, and helping my friends who are struggling with their own problems. I hate focusing on my self, so instead I put everything into helping others… But it gets to a point where I need to help myself, and I don’t know how.

I’m sorry for this post suddenly taking a depressing spin… I just needed to vent for a second.

Now, we move onto the weird part of my day…

After getting my brother from school, I got dressed to go for a quick and easy three mile run.

Turns out, it’s winter outside. Do you know what that means? Ice.


My run practically turned into ice skating. I made sure to keep my pace slow and to keep my eyes peeled for patches of ice.

No, that isn’t the strange part of my run.

So… about 2.5 miles in… this happened. (Don’t look at the next picture if small amounts of blood bother you).

IMG_2012Yup. That’s blood. From my nose. Yup. It water fall-ed out of my nose. Yup. I’m sure you all really wanted to see a picture of my nose blood.

My nose never bleeds, and it has NEVER bled on a run. I don’t really know why this happened… all I know is that there was a lot of blood and I stood there awkwardly trying to press snow up to my nose while people out walking there dogs stared at me.

I then proceeded to run the next half mile home with blood spilling down my face.


I then had to walk into the house and try to hide my blood covered  face from my little brother since I thought freaking him out probably wouldn’t be the best thing to do…

Later, when my mom got home from work, I got to make dinner! I have missed cooking so much, especially cooking healthy meals for other people.



I made roasted asparagus, scallops from the Tone It Up nutrition plan, and salmon with a honey mustard teriyaki sauce. I also put some snow peas on the table for James. With dinner we also had some left over sweet potato from last night.



My plate!

My mom said it was all delicious. So basically, she made my day ^.^

Before I go, I will leave you with one more weird thing that happened today.

I was at the mall in Hot Topic (best store ever) looking at CDs. I saw the new Five Finger Death Punch (quality band by the way) album up on the top of the shelf, so I went to grab it and…


They all fell to the floor.


To add to my awkwardness, I made a really weird, high pitched noise when they fell and then yelled to tht entire store, “I’m sorry! I promise I’ll go far away from the CDs”

I then put the CDs back on the shelf, bought a Pierce the Veil beanies (I had to buy something after knocking the CDs over right?), and exited the store.

Oh, just a typical day in the life of Erin.

Until tomorrow mis amigos!



All Signs Point North…

As I’m writing this, all I can think of are two things… How much my eyes hurts (long story) and how excited I am to go home tonight.

That’s right, at 7:15 tonight I will be on a plane heading back to the greatest person on earth… Long Island. 
I miss home so much, and the fact that things here at school aren’t exactly all rainbows and sunshine just makes me more desperate to be home where although things aren’t exactly wonderful either, I at least know that I have people that care about me.

Things aren’t great here. My roommates treat me badly… really badly. I want to eventually do a whole post about it, but I don’t want to do it yet just because I don’t want anybody (mostly them) to find it. Just know that it is really bad. Most nights I am forced to sleep on the floors of other people’s rooms. Last night was worst of all. I showed up outside of my friend’s room at 2 in the morning, crying hysterically, hence why my eyes hurt so much right now…

I’m just tired of it all… all I can think of to do is transfer. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to give up. I only have one good friend here, but at the same time I don’t want to leave that one friend. I want things to get better. I need things to get better. I’m not ready to run away yet, but at the same time I am. 

Ok. Enough of this sad, annoying, emotional-ness…

On the upside… I did a new workout on the treadmill yesterday and it was really fun!


Wow. Erin does a Tone It Up workout… I know, it’s a shocker. 

This workout was so fun though! And so tough! I’m so out of practice when it comes to running on an incline. It made me miss cross country in the worst way. I changed the speeds up a little bit at the end (sped it up a bit) and wound up covering 3.15 miles. I’m definitely going to start doing this workout more often. So so so so so fun!

I then followed it up with the Love Your Abs routine x2 (I should have done more)



Well, I have been blogging instead of packing so I should probably do that! I’ll probably wind up blogging from the airport later today. And if I don’t… next time I speak to y’all I’ll be home!!!!!!!


A lot of words, not a lot of pictures..

Sorry to say that this post won’t necessarily be all that aesthetically pleasing…


Although, i have to say, this picture from my run today isn’t all that shabby!

Today was another one of those draining days of class and homework and not much else. I had planned on waking up early to run this morning. Yeah… didn’t exactly happen. I really needed sleep, so I just went for a run after my 9am class instead. Geez Louise, is Florida humid. This entire week has been so overcast, so every time I go outside I just expect that it’s going to be cool out. It’s not. 

I just did an easy thirty minute run, only covering 3.37 miles. My plantar fasciitis is really acting up bad. I know that I need to take a break from running, but I just can’t. Honestly, I just feel so terrible about my body that I just can’t afford to be reducing my mileage… I’m going to do the bike tomorrow though instead of my planned speed work! I know that in the long run, it’s better to take some time off to recover than to keep running on an injury. 

By the way… my injured self rocked my compression socks under my yoga pants to class today. 


Woohoo for blurry pictures whilst I walk down the stairs.

After class and my run, the rest of the day was really spent workshopping stories for creative writing. Our larger assignments (longer piece of writing at the end of each topic that we focus on) are presented in workshop. We all email our pieces to the professor and she forwards them to us. We then write up some feedback and discuss them in class. We workshop about four people a day. Today happened to be my day, and the focus was personal narratives. Honestly, what I wrote for this class was probably the most personal thing I have ever written. It was heavy, really heavy. I sent it in and then five seconds later wanted nothing more than to email my professor and beg her not to send it out to anyone. I was so scared for what people would think. Like I said, it was really heavy and personal.

I was shaking all throughout class, terrified. And by the time it came my turn to be workshopped, I was practically in tears. Not much was said, except for the fact that my piece made everyone cry. Wonderful. My teacher did tell me that it was a really great piece of writing and said I had some really powerful lines. It made me really happy, all my life I have dreamed of writing books. The fact that someone could enjoy my writing means the world to me. 

After class, I did some more working out. Ab work was more than necessary.



Tone It Up‘s Sleek and Slender Abs With Karena



POP Pilates Abs On Fire


And finally… XHIT’s 5 Minute Abs (By the way… Can I just please be Rebecca Louise please?…hehe that rhymed!)


I really need to start doing more ab work. I will definitely be feeling the burn tomorrow.

My night ended with a Greek event for Sigma Chi’s derby days… long story short: I saw frat guys dressed in drag twerk.

I shall leave you now with that mental image in your head 😉

Wow… this post had more pictures in it than I thought it would.